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Domain Name Uniform Rapid Suspension System is Here

Trademark owners have been asking for a quick takedown process for domain names that clearly infringe on a trademark owners’ rights. And now it appears that the URS is going to be put into action.


Godaddy Caught Registering Domains Names After Availability

Godaddy, the domain name registrar, has apparently been caught registering domain names after someone has looked up the availability of a domain name. This guy claims that he looked up a domain name to see if that domain name was available. The domain name was available, but apparently he did not register the domain name that day. He came back a fe

Microsoft Registers Outlook Domain Names: A Lesson In Protec

Microsoft recently launched as a new online email service, to rival Google’s Gmail. will be replaced by On the same day that Microsoft rebooted, they registered a whole slew of similar domain names–in a move that looks like it’s mainly to protect the Outlook brand.

How to Find Buyers for Your Domain Name

For those who like to do affiliate marketing, buying domains is a familiar subject. You never know what set of keywords will be the next big thing, so you buy several domains with several different combinations of keywords. Many affiliate marketers buy tons, and tons of these types of domains, and work to get those domains ranked in the search engi

Why Exact Match Domain Names are Good (or Bad) for SEO

Is an Exact Match Domain Name good or bad for your search engine optimization strategy? Bill Hartzer, Director of Search Engine Optimization at Standing Dog, considers whether or not acquiring an Exact Match Domain Name is right for you and your business.

The Frager Factor: Seller Schilling, Meet Buyer Whiteley: Ta

“I hadn’t dealt with Frank before and didn’t know who I was dealing with. The prices were high – but they are good domain names and I should get good returns by using them. I think the fascinating thing at the moment is that there still isn’t really a fixed way of valuing a domain yet.”


Should You Renew Your Domain Name?

14 questions to ask yourself to help you decide on whether your should renew your domain name or not.

Do You Like This Domain?

Really, a simple question, do you like this domain name?

Google Acquires Illegal Google Plus .com IDN Domain Name

In an effort to protect their Google Plus social network, Google recently acquired .com. The problem is that .com, aka is not allowed. It s an illegal domain name. IDN characters are not allowed or available in the .com TLD. Google, what were you thinking when you purchased this IDN .com domain name? I hope you did not pay too much f

How Amazon CEO got domain for free

Jeff Bezos owns And he has Bob Olea to thank for that. Olea is one of those domainers who buys and sells internet domain names. Olea recently bought the domain name at an aftermarket domain auction. But he has decided to give it to the CEO.

3M Files Trademark and Anti-Cybersquatting Lawsuit

3M Corporation has filed a trademark infringement and anti-cybersquatting lawsuit over domain names that appear to be similar or confusingly similar to their own trademark.

Microsoft Moves Synsup Labs Domain Names

In April 2011 I first reported that Microsoft had acquired 47 domain names related to something (a brand or a company) named Synsup Labs. Those domain names had previously been pointed to the search results. Now, the total number of domain names related to Synsup Labs that Microsoft owns is an even 50 domain names, and a name server has be

Microsoft Acquires 47 SynsupLabs Domain Names

In an interesting acquisition today by Microsoft, the company acquired 47 domain names and has pointed them to the search engine. I usually watch the list of Microsoft domain names and have not seen such a large acquisition of new domain names in a long time. Perhaps this is the indication of a new product, a new service, or upcoming proje


Popular Domains Suspended Due to Invalid Whois

When Nikki Craft woke up one morning recently and checked her websites, they were not working. In fact, all 20 of her high-traffic websites were down. These high profile domain names were suspended due to invalid whois data.

Search Engine Optimization Tip: Who Owns Your Domain?

For this search engine optimization tip, let us talk about the Whois and the data that it contains.

Why Your Business Should Invest In Keyword Rich Domains

One of the best kept secrets of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industry is the expired domain name auctions that exist out there. If someone does not renew their domain name, it is frequently put up for auction on by the registrar itself, like Godaddy. If you do not renew your domain name at, then there is a

Why You Should Buy a Keyword Rich Domain Name

The expired domain name auctions are a best kept secret in the search engine optimization industry because many do not take advantage of these expired domain name auctions. Here is why you should buy a keyword rich domain name.

How to Properly Redirect a Domain Name

I recently received an email asking a question about redirecting a domain name that he had recently purchased. Here is his email and my detailed response about how to properly redirect a domain name.


Snapnames Employee Bids on Domain Name Auctions

Snapnames, an aftermarket domain name auction service, has reportedly discovered that a rogue employee set up an account and bid against other bidders. And was doing it for several years.

Evaluating an Expired Domain Name

If you are thinking of buying an expired domain name then take a look at this list. How to evaluate the domain name for search engine optimization value.

Picking the Right Domain Name can Make or Break your Business

Never ever underestimate the power of the domain name. The domain name you use could quite possibly make or break your business. Choose the right domain name and it could be a very powerful asset.

Network Solutions Settles Lawsuit for Frontrunning Domains

Front Running? Or protection against Front Running. That was the argument in this issue of Network Solutions registering every domain name searched by customers for availability on NetSol's WHOIS database.

LeapFish. Brings Back Domain Name Appraisal Service

Leapfish has brought back a popular feature of their site, their domain name appraisal service. Type a domain name into their search engine and they will attempt to put a dollar figure on it, telling you how much it is worth.

Consider Alternate Spellings of a Domain

One thing I think about when evaluating domain names to purchase is the possibility that there are alternative spellings to the domain names - both accepted spellings and common typos.