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Feds Make Changes to Crack Cocaine Laws

President Obama recently signed legislation reducing, but not eliminating, the disparate ways in which federal criminal law penalizes those involved with crack cocaine and those involved with powder cocaine. This becomes the second small step in an attempt to eliminate the unjust fashion in which the federal drug laws distinguish between crack coc

Is BP Criminally Liable for the Oil Spill?

Although the organized criminal activity statute, frequently recognized as RICO, permits the prosecutions of people who did not commit any discrete criminal act, but oversaw an group that committed criminal acts, it's nevertheless difficult to prove that executives such as Hayward knew that his group was engaged in criminality.

Why be Proactive If You Are Under Criminal Investigation

Clients often wait to retain us until they are actually indicted. Many times, however, had the client come to us when they first became aware they were under criminal investigation they might have avoided indictment all together or, at least, been in a better position to defend themselves once they were indicted.

Why You Should be Proactive If You Are Under Criminal Investigation

Just as it is important to see a medical doctor before it is too late, it is important to be proactive about a criminal investigation. Here is why you need to be proactive if you are under criminal investigation.


How to Choose a Lawyer

If you are charged with a criminal offense, there are several considerations before you can select an attorney who is truly committed to giving you the best representation possible. Here is how to choose a lawyer.


Why Do Death Penalty Cases Take So Long?

Why do death penalty cases take so long to resolve? A criminal defense lawyer explains the process.

Is Execution by Lethal Injection Painful?

This month the Supreme Court heard arguments with respect to execution by lethal injection constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. A criminal defense lawyer discusses the subject of lethal injection.

Immigration Offenses - Broden and Mickelsen – Criminal Defense Attorneys

Those charged with immigration offenses in federal court often face very severe penalties. For example, a person who reenters the United States after having been deported for committing certain felonies can face approximately seven year s imprisonment.

Federal Drug Trafficking Charges - Broden and Mickelsen – Criminal Defense Attorneys in Dallas Texas

The penalties facing persons charged with drug offenses in federal court are mind boggling. For example, time and time again we have seen young people, without any criminal record, facing a minimum of ten years in federal prison based upon drug charges. This is a minimum sentence and, many times, the reality is that they are facing much harsher sentences in the range of thirty years to life. Also, unlike state prison, persons serving time in federal prison must serve eighty-five percent of their sentence.

Federal White Collar Offenses

The firm of Broden amp; Mickelsen specializes in the aggressive representation of individuals and businesses charged with various types of fraud and white collar offenses in federal court. White collar and fraud charges in federal court usually result in multi-count indictments.


Additional Republican Party Dirty Trick Reported

The Department of Justice (DOJ) was reported by the McClatchy Newspapers of putting partisanship ahead of the American people by delaying the prosecution of a key Republican official under investigation for the Republican Party’s criminal phone-jamming scheme in New Hampshire.

Recent Supreme Court Landmark Federal Sentencing Law Developments

On December 10th the Supreme Court decided two companion cases that essentially hold that the Federal Sentencing guidelines really are just guidelines. In other words, the sentencing court, after giving them consideration, is free to disregard them and impose the sentence the court thinks is appropriate in a given case. To understand the significance of this development, here is a brief overview of the history of the sentencing guidelines.

Dallas Criminal Lawyers - Broden amp; Mickelsen: Gitmo Bay Detainees Argument before the Supreme Court

Do you have any meaningful legal rights? Are you doomed to languish for the rest of your life as a prisoner of an undefined war with no discernible end? These are the questions that lie at the heart of the case being argued before the Supreme Court

Should You Accept a Plea Bargain?

In almost every criminal case a defendant will be offered a "plea bargain" and, indeed, most criminal cases ultimately do not go to trial. Here are some questions to which these lawyers suggest you know the answer before pleading guilty to any charge.


If you are charged with a criminal offense in state court in Texas, there will be several considerations before you can select an attorney who is truly committed to giving you the best representation possible.