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26 June 2008 17:30

birthdays | Kristie Serra Photography Blog

These two adorable kiddos just celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthdays! So, we celebrated with a photo session.

What I am Up to

I am still enjoying the sugar high off our Cookies By Design treats that they so generously donated to Steph’s baby shower this weekend. They were a hit, so look for more about them in an upcoming Baby Shower guide from Mama Speaks.

26 June 2008 17:15

Adventures in Babywearing: Adventures In Surprises

What started off as an awesome local Mama Speaks getaway to the spa and then slumber party back at Ashlee s turned into this huge event, of which I had absolutely NO CLUE, when we got back from breakfast yesterday morning. (I am so thankful I brought a cute dress and earrings to wear.)

Capri by the Lake: Cookies by Design at the Baby Shower

This weekend, I had the opportunity to be apart of an awesome baby shower for my friend Steph. You can check out some pictures of the little shin-dig and all the fun we had over here.

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