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18 February 2008

Save Electricity by Buying Stuff!

It’s funny to think that you can save on your electric bills by actually going out and spending money. However, when considering the return on investment over a period of time, sometimes spending money now can provide higher returns in the future.

15 February 2008

Planting Trees to Help Save on Electricity

You can use nature to help improve the performance of your home. Your home’s cooling needs are largely affected by the heat that enters your home.

14 February 2008

Paris Hilton s Brother Arrested for DUI

Another Hilton has landed in the gray-bar hotel. Paris Hilton s younger brother, Barron, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of drunken driving, authorities said. Witnesses said the allegedly tanked-up teen was driving around the station in circles - chased by two men in a gray pickup who eventually confiscated his keys.

13 February 2008

Using Energy Star Appliances to Reduce your Electricity Bill

Energy Star is a government program managed by the Department of Energy (see EnergyStar.Gov) that certifies appliances and even homes to a higher standard.

Best Buy Loses Laptop, Sued for $54 Million by Owner

Raelyn Campbell of Washington, D.C., is suing Richfield-based Best Buy for that amount after it lost her laptop computer while it was in for repairs.

12 February 2008

Voter Rights Denied by States Defying Federal Law

The study shows that 12 years after the NVRA’s requirements went into effect, voter registrations from public agencies, which provide services to low-income Americans, have declined dramatically.

Five Situations Where You SHOULD Use NoFollow for Linking

Loren takes a look at situations where a NoFollow should be used for linking out, besides for paid links as suggested by Google.

11 February 2008

Save Hot Water and Save on your Electric Bill

If you live in one of the areas that is experiencing drought conditions now, then you’re probably already taking measures to save water. But had you considered that by using less hot water you’re also saving energy and money to heat the water?

02 February 2008

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01 February 2008

Microsoft Bids for Yahoo! Wrapup

By now you have probably heard the news that Microsoft has made a bid for Yahoo!. Since so many people are covering it I thought it would be best to do a end of day wrapup about the proposed Microsoft Yahoo! news.

Blade actor Snipes found guilty of tax charges

Actor Wesley Snipes, star of the quot;Blade quot; movie series, was found guilty of three misdemeanors by a U.S. court on Friday for failing to file tax returns for three years.

The Guru Kills the In-House Out-House Debate

An interesting response recent statements by Aaron Wall about outsourcing to India. India has a bad reputation with many American and European companies. This will most likely change your perception of outsourcing to India.

31 January 2008

Sway Social Media Marketing Company to be Acquired by Cornerworld

Cornerworld Corporation has signed a letter of intent to purchase Sway, Inc., a social media marketing company that sells digital media tools to advertisers.

29 January 2008

NetMotion Wireless Appoints Executives, Company Expanding Workforce

NetMotion Wireless, a leading provider of mobile productivity and management software, has appointed a number of executives to new positions within the company. Additionally, based on record 2007 results, the company announced plans to expand its workforce by 20 percent in 2008.

Retirees Polled About the 2008 Presidential Election - 2008 Presidential Candidates

1,700 likely retiree voters were surveyed about the 2008 Presidential election by a non-profit advocacy group, ProtectSeniors.Org, resulting in great news for Senator Hillary Clinton, good news for Senator John McCain, and bad news for Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor. In addition, retirees caution Congress to pay less attention to steroids in baseball.

25 January 2008

Is Execution by Lethal Injection Painful?

This month the Supreme Court heard arguments with respect to execution by lethal injection constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. A criminal defense lawyer discusses the subject of lethal injection.

How Would You Build Links If Google Did Not Exist?

Loren Baker looks into the practice of successful link building for Google, by pretending that Google and PageRank were never invented, and linking is done to attract interest and traffic.

22 January 2008

New Music Tuesday: Forro in the Dark

When you think of Brazilian music, what genres come to mind? Most likely you think of samba, bossa nova and funk music, if you're a hipster. (I adore funk music, by the way.) But it's time for the world to get acquainted with another form of Brazilian music: forró. Forró is a sound born of the struggle, loneliness, longing and romance of the people of the Northeast of Brazil.

LendingTree Loans Chief Economist Comments on Today s Surprising Fed Cut

Today the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) cut both the fed funds rate and discount rate by 75 basis points, or .75 percent.

Global Tier 1 Wireless Carrier Selects Evolving Systems for Service Activation Rollout

Evolving Systems, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions and services to the wireless, wireline and IP carrier market, has told OSS News Review that its Tertio Service Activation solution has been selected by a global tier 1 telecom.

17 January 2008

Facebook s Mark Zuckerberg to Keynote South by Southwest

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will keynote the fifteenth annual SXSW Interactive Festival, also known as South by Southwest. This year it’s being held March 7th to March 11th in Austin, Texas.

16 January 2008

Contest Win by Environmental Group Would Benefit Endangered Creatures

The contest, sponsored by Facebook and the Case Foundation, runs through February 1, 2008. It will award the non-profit group that gets the most individual donations with the grand prize.

14 January 2008

Chase Paymentech Says 2007 Online Holiday Retail Sales Grew by 29 Percent

Any interesting report is out today from Chase Paymentech, saying that the online holiday retail sales for 2007 grew by a whopping twenty nine percent.

11 January 2008

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Growing Your Affiliate Programs

It’s the start of another new year, but instead of obsessing about losing those last ten pounds, why not resolve to improve your bottom line by expanding your affiliate programs?

10 January 2008

Exposed: Bush Administration Has Doctored NASA Scientists Observations

The Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Dr. James E. Hansen, appeared on 60 Minutes stating that the White House edited climate-related press releases reported by federal agencies to make global warming seem less threatening.