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Google Local Carousel and Impact on Local Business

All about the new Google Local Carousel feature, and what it means for local businesses like hotels.


A Social Media Game-Changer? Facebook Quietly Launches Promo

Two weeks to the date after their initial public offering on Wall Street, Facebook countered their sliding share value with the announcement of a new ‘Promoted Posts’ option for status updates on business users’ pages.

Define Your Terms to Solve Cross-Cultural Communication Prob

So you think you can do business internationally just because you send your employees overseas? You’ve sent your employees to the HR cross cultural class. They learned how to kiss, bow, and shake hands, and now you’re ready to do business internationally, right?


How to Create a Google Plus Business Page

As many may already know, Google Plus is now allowing people to create their very own Google Plus business page. Here is how to set up a Google Plus Business page.

High Profile Poker Domain Names Seized

Three high profile Poker domain names were seized today. The FBI has charged the founders of the three largest Internet poker companies doing business in the United States with bank fraud, money laundering, and illegal gambling offenses. Others were charged, as well. The PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker domain names were seized as a

2010 is Closing is being shut down. Well, technically speaking, Dex One is realigning its interactive operations and will fully integrate into Dex One.

B2B Corporate Websites Really Need Corporate Blogs?

If you're in charge of a B2B (company to business) company web website, you may have wrestled using the choice of whether or not your business should create a weblog. If you'd rather not engage in blogging, there are alternatives that can nonetheless assist you drive qualified traffic and leads to your corporate Internet website, as a weblog might, and to get the search engine ranking advantages a blog may bring.

Why Your Business Should Invest In Keyword Rich Domains

One of the best kept secrets of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing industry is the expired domain name auctions that exist out there. If someone does not renew their domain name, it is frequently put up for auction on by the registrar itself, like Godaddy. If you do not renew your domain name at, then there is a

Search Engine Optimization: Why a Blog is Important

When talking to business owners about marketing their businesses on the internet, I often get asked about why I always recommend that their online marketing strategy, their search engine optimization efforts, include a blog.

myOneLogin SignatureBook Offering Digital Signatures

TriCipher, a provider of Internet identity services, has launched a hosted, on-demand version of its powerful digital signature solution. myOneLogin SignatureBook is an on-demand service that accelerates and streamlines business processes requiring non-repudiable signatures across different groups, organizations or geographic locations. It support

7 Habits of Highly Effective Balance Sheet Reconciliation

Account reconciliation is an underappreciated control, one which has become increasingly important with the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). In the past, when inconsistencies were discovered, a Staff Member could simply create an adjusting entry to ensure that the company financials were accurate.

Automating Financial Reporting: It’s All About Momentum

Financial Reporting has been overlooked in finance reengineering initiatives – mostly because it’s not a huge source of financial risk, and is not generally a significant cost center.

PCI-DSS: What the Chief Compliance Officer Needs to Know

PCI-DSS is comprised of 12 discrete requirements, dictating how card processors handle everything from network security standards to data encryption.

How to Start a Mortgage Net Branch Company

A mortgage branch company is not an easy business to manage or operate. To some, it sounds like a quick way to get rich. Hire a lot of loan officers, make a couple hundred dollars off each loan, and retire in a couple years. If only it was so easy.

Mortgage Industry Networking Expert Joins Southwest Funding

Leading mortgage retail branch provider Southwest Funding is recently said that Carolyn Clark has joined the Southwest team as Field Recruiter within the Business Development group.

Wholesale Lenders Jump into Mortgage Net Branch Game

The overhaul of the mortgage industry by the government has changed the business models of many companies. Wholesale mortgage lenders fearful of their ability to survive in the near future are trying to become retail mortgage net branch companies over night by turning customers into employees.

PathView Cloud Generates New Revenue for Managed Services

LinkStatus, an Apparent Networks customer and large managed services provider in the UK, provides continuous monitoring and testing of network performance so that its customers can focus on more important, business critical issues. The company specializes in assessing and reporting traffic type and volume; implementing services for deployment and m

Subex Launches Provisioning and Activation Solution

Subex Limited, a leading global provider of Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), has launched NetProvision (NetP) 6.1, a multi-service, multi-technology, multi-vendor fulfillment solution used to automate the provisioning and activation of wireline connectivity services for Enterprise VPN and residential broadband services. NetP 6.1 a


Business Continuity: Automation, Integration and Mobility

The BCM professional must shift from a recovery only mindset to one that focuses on the larger issues of risk management and business resiliency.

How to Prepare Your Business for the Swine Flu

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization WHO raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 due to the spread of the H1N1 virus, the Swine Flu. Here are four essential tips for preparing your business for the H1N1 Swine Flu.

Business Continuity Management Webcast

On August 27th, Business Continuity Management experts will discuss trends in the profession and explore an advanced three-in-one approach to business continuity management.

Report Shows Climate Change s Effects on Areas of USA

The US Global Change Research Program has released a report summarizing the science of climate change. They re using information and events that have taken place in the past in order to predict the future.

Picking the Right Domain Name can Make or Break your Business

Never ever underestimate the power of the domain name. The domain name you use could quite possibly make or break your business. Choose the right domain name and it could be a very powerful asset.

GRC Maturity Assessment: Where Does Your Program Stand?

There are four steps in the AMR Research GRC Maturity Model: reacting, anticipating, collaborating and orchestrating. Use this free tool to see where your organization stands across strategic, business and operational domains.

Google Gives Present to Local Businesses

Thanks to folks at Google Local Business Center, local businesses now have the opportunity to dig deeper into the performance of their Google local listings via a listing performance dashboard.