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Chris Brogan, Outer Space amp; The Secret of Blogging

Josh Duke debunks the theory that passion and practice are all you need to be a successful blogger. Not every passionate astronaut makes it to the moon.


What Justin Bieber has in Common with Lauren s Dad

So, what does Justin Bieber have in common with Lauren s dad? I mean really, if you read this headline you would probably not think that they have much in common. But take a look at what really these two, Justin Bieber and Lauren s dad, have in common.


B2B Corporate Websites Really Need Corporate Blogs?

If you're in charge of a B2B (company to business) company web website, you may have wrestled using the choice of whether or not your business should create a weblog. If you'd rather not engage in blogging, there are alternatives that can nonetheless assist you drive qualified traffic and leads to your corporate Internet website, as a weblog might, and to get the search engine ranking advantages a blog may bring.

Is there a Best Time to Make a Blog posting?

I've been asked more than and more than again by many different people. And almost certainly you've most likely been wondering. When may be the greatest time to post a blog post? Is there a certain time of day time and day time of the week when it is perfect to post your write-up or blog post on your weblog? Yes, there definitely is really a much better time than other people. And there even is really a much better day of the week. But, the real answer is this: it is dependent.

The Writer Runs This Show

A very powerful and inspiring blog post by Copyblogger. Brian Clark is founder of Copyblogger and co-founder of Thesis, Scribe, Premise, Third Tribe, Lateral Action and Teaching Sells.


Blog Tune-Up Series: Blog Design and Layout

How blog design and layout play an important role in your blogging.

WIA Predicts Rise in Blogger Arrests

The WIA predicts more arrests in 2008 even as blogging continues to be a popular vehicle outside mainstream offline media.

Newspaper Secret Weapon: Reporter Blogs

Reporters have come a long way, but blogging does not appear to be something that such professionals would resort to. But the truth is that reporter blogs rank highly in the lists of top online newspaper and magazine sites.

6 Steps to Making Your Blog Look Good

Now that you are raring to go, including editorial calendars and blogging platform at the ready, perhaps it is a good time to talk visuals. Here are 6 things to help your blog look better.

What is an elderblogger, and Why is Claudia Snowden One?

Claudia Snowden shares why she is an elderblogger. Blogging is pedagogically a good writing exercise. It furthers one to continue learning.

How to Pick a Great Name for Your Blog

You know what you want to blog about and you have picked your platform. Now you need a great name for your blog. Here is how to pick one.

How to Find the Best Blogging Platform For You

Smarter Than Your Average Blog talks about how to choose the best blogging platform for you.

Blog spotlight: Boblog

Bob Mould is not the only celebrity blogger out there, and he is likely not even the most famous.

Write What You Know: It is Not Just for Novelists

One of the strategies often cited by blogging experts and pros for firming up your corner of the blogosphere is specialization. Is there a subject you’re particularly interested in?

Five fast makeover tips for your blog

Here are five fast ways to freshen up your blog; think of it as a quick makeover that will turn both heads and pages

Making your blog smart from the start

There are about as many tips for blogging as there are blogs themselves, but you can easily lay the foundation for your corner of the blogosphere without spending a dime on consultants or keywords.

Why Do People Really Read Blogs Anyway?

A good blog is one that recognizes the readers insatiable appetite for the new. A smart blog is one that uses the many tools out there to get the new automatically.

Win FREE BOOKS with the luck of the Irish

Voxant Content Partner Expanded Books is hosting St. Patrick s Day Book giveaway. Registered Voxant users who embed the St. Patrick s Day news feed featuring Expanded Books content are automatically entered into a drawing to win one for four sets of books.

How I chose a blogging platform

When the blogging craze started, I never thought it would find me. Blogging really didn’t quite catch on to me until I saw how it can be like a game—and a practical one at that. After that, it didn’t take me long to check out different platforms, just to get the feel of them.

Random Bytes On Naked Blogging

How much self disclosure is too much?Some is essential, because readers need a degree of background information, and not only on the facts and logistics of a non-personal issue.

See What A News Blog Is - What Are Appropriate Contents For A news Blog At BloggingTruths.Com - A Blog On Blogging - SEO - Making Money Online And Websites

This in a piece of information on how to manage a News Blog like Voxant Newsroom Blog which consists of latest amp; variety of news/ events/ stuffs/ columns on world amp; US written by their top editors. Also included are editorials like expert opinions, columns as in news papers or news site. So we take that blog as example while discussing with news blog amp;w hat content should it have.


Top Blog Posts from the Blogosphere for 2007

The year is winding down and we’re seeing more and more top 10 type of blog posts being written in the blogosphere. Here is a list of the best.

East Coast Blogging » Top Stories for Mixx From the Last Year

It was a pretty cool review of the stories written about Mixx over the last year.

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