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August 2009

3 Clues You May Need a New Air Conditioner

It is the end of summer. Your central air conditioning unit has been chugging away, keeping you cool. Here are three clues that you might need a new AC unit.

July 2009

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Checklist

Interesting podcast and information about air conditioning. Includes a checklist.

April 2009

The True Value of Routine, Professional HVAC Care

Dirt and neglect are leading causes of air conditioning system failure according to the EPA s Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating amp; Cooling. Maintenance is so important in fact, I thought I’d illustrate this necessity in simple terms. Here s what routine maintenance tune-ups are really all about:

January 2009

HVAC Contractor Promotes Careers, Not Just Jobs

Neal Harris Service Experts has been chosen as Best Contractor to Work for by The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS.

September 2008

When is the Best Time to Upgrade your HVAC System?

With energy prices going up, now is a great time to upgrade your inefficient, money-wasting HVAC system. Between peak heating and cooling seasons is the best time to upgrade.

Routine System Maintenance is Key to a Comfortable Home

A tune-up on a furnace and air conditioner is very similar to the tune-up on your car. You get what you pay for. Here is what you need to know.

Does Your Air Conditioner Repair Person Have A Blog?

I live in Texas and it gets hot here, so having an air conditioner on the fritz is a serious condition. Does your AC repair guy have a blog?

New Service Plans Meet A Wide Variety Of Customer Needs

Service Experts has announced a comprehensive and enhanced set of service plans that are designed to meet the needs of every homeowner.

August 2008

What to Do About Flooded Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Before attempting to salvage or operate water-damaged HVAC equipment, make safety your first priority. Here is what to do if your HVAC equipment was in a flood.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants For Air Conditioners Are Here

The IS Environmental Protection Agency EPA has mandated the eventual phase out of R22 refrigerant through the Clean Air Act. What does this mean to us?

June 2008

Top 5 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Does Not Work

Did you AC stop working? Even though there are many reasons why your AC stopped working, here are the top five problems that may cause your air conditioning system to break down.

March 2008

Seven Things You Should Know About Air Conditioning

With spring here, summer is not that far off. It is time to start thinking about air conditioning. Here are seven things you should know about air conditioning.

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