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Top 10 People Who Influence What We Buy

Here is a list of ten public figures who embrace qualities of the mindful consumer, such as a commitment to sustainability efforts, a focus on giving, and a more thoughtful approach to consumption.


Ads Desired but Targeting Methods Dodged by Consumers

A recent survey by TNS Global, shows that 58 percent of respondents are not agreeable to having their browsing history used to serve them ads even when they are aware personal information is not involved.

Alternative Pay-per-click Advertising: Consider using second-tier search engines

When should you consider advertising your products on sites other than on Google, Yahoo! and MSN? By properly identifying and evaluating various second-tier PPC advertising options, you may uncover a diamond in the rough.

3 Reasons Why You Want to Create Your Own Stamps

Miss Cards Etiquette shows that the postage stamp area is a great place for some cheap advertising.

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