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March 2008

Highdeal Signs Agreement with Mobile Satellite Ventures to Support Its Next Generation Hybrid Communications Network

Highdeal has signed an agreement with Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV), a leading supplier of mobile satellite communications services throughout the US and Canada.

January 2008

Sisteer Integrates Highdeal Pricing Tool and Signs Contracts with MVNOs

Sisteer, an expert provider and integrator of rating and billing services for fixed and mobile telecommunications, has chosen Highdeal s software suite for integration to its own eBilling solution.

Arkadin Chooses Highdeal for Pricing and Rating and Billing

Highdeal, the world’s leading provider of Pricing and Rating solutions, has told OSS News Review that Arkadin Global Conferencing, the global provider of integrated audio and data conferencing services, has implemented Highdeal Transactive for the pricing, rating and billing of Arkadin’s state-of-the-art, cost efficient conferencing services.

December 2007

Highdeal and HP IUM Achieve Dramatic Breakthrough in Online Charging

Highdeal, the world's leading provider of <a href="">pricing & rating solutions</a>, has recently announced a significant breakthrough in the online charging systems that telecom operators use to manage revenue for converged, multimedia services. Highdeal teamed with HP to show that the combination of Highdeal Transactive®, HP Internet Usage Manager (IUM), and HP ProLiant servers running Linux delivers a price-performance profile previously unattained by online charging solutions. <!--more-->

November 2007

Axione Selects Highdeal for Pricing, Rating, and Billing

Highdeal, the world’s leading provider of pricing and rating solutions, has told OSS News Review that Highdeal Transactive® software suite has been selected by Axione, a carriers’ carrier specializing in the management of local public broadband and high speed broadband services.

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