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Apple Reveals iPhone4N Via Domain Name Registration?

Did Apple just reveal the name of the next Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4N via a new domain name registration? Based on whois records, Apple has apparently purchased the domain name


More Android Users Looking for Jobs than iPhone Users

According to data released by LinkUp, 20 percent of job seekers use their mobile devices to look for jobs. What is interesting is that 79.7% of visitors to the LinkUp web site used an Android device to find jobs. Surprisingly, however, Apple iPhone usage fell from dominating last year’s first quarter numbers at 62.1%, down to 12.3% in Q1 2011. Blac


How to Develop an iPhone App using Microsoft Visual C

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DragonFireSDK is a Microsoft Visual C/C library. Its API consists of C/C functions that call native iPhone Objective C functions enabling iPhone App creation in Windows. Basically, you can develop iphone app games through a windows platform and then be sold through the apps store.


Navigate the Mall with Mall Maps for the iPhone

Planning on doing some last minute shopping this holiday season? Got an iPhone? Then you need to check out the holiday shoppers’ secret weapon: mall maps for the iPhone.


We Searched for the iPhone 7 Million Times During April 2008

comScore says we searched seven million times for the Apple iPhone during the month of April, 2008. Google had most searches for iPhones.

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