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October 2008

Home Improvement Tax Credits Are Part of EESA 2008

Making home improvements? Claim your tax credit. The EESA 2008 extends the tax credit for energy-efficient purchases in 2009, and adds wood pellet stoves as a new class of eligible energy efficient property.

June 2008

Survey Says Economy Will Not Effect Our Online Spending

A new survey reveals that consumers expect to reduce their overall spending in 2008 but this will not effect online spending

May 2008

Automakers Report April 2008 Auto Sales

The automakers have reported their sales data for April 2008. Chrysler reports that their fuel-efficient compact vehicles set a new sales record for April. Fuel efficient cars are doing very well, we seem to be buying them like crazy.

March 2008

2008 IT Spending by Telecoms to Exceed $46 Billion

The computing and software IT infrastructure that performs engineering, provisioning, and management functions in telecommunications networks, Operations Support Systems (OSS), for the global market will exceed $46 billion in 2008, in a new study by INSIGHT Research.

February 2008

Audi Announces 2008 Audi R8 Price

Audi has officially announced the pricing for the new Audi 2008 R8. The new Audi R8 with a six- speed manual transmission will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $109,000.

January 2008

NetMotion Wireless Appoints Executives, Company Expanding Workforce

NetMotion Wireless, a leading provider of mobile productivity and management software, has appointed a number of executives to new positions within the company. Additionally, based on record 2007 results, the company announced plans to expand its workforce by 20 percent in 2008.

Retirees Polled About the 2008 Presidential Election - 2008 Presidential Candidates

1,700 likely retiree voters were surveyed about the 2008 Presidential election by a non-profit advocacy group, ProtectSeniors.Org, resulting in great news for Senator Hillary Clinton, good news for Senator John McCain, and bad news for Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor. In addition, retirees caution Congress to pay less attention to steroids in baseball.

Best New Car Deals for January 2008, the leading source for automotive ownership cost and value analysis, has recently announced their “Best Deals of the Month” for cars, trucks, and SUVs for January, the last ranking before begins tracking 2008 model-year vehicles in February.

Six Local Media Trends to Watch in 2008

There is a shift in some of the ad dollars going to new media platforms, There are six new local media trends that you should watch in 2008.

Recent Poll: Democratic Presidential Candidates Edge Out Republicans for Being Preferred Neighbors

A new poll released today, as the 2008 Presidential primary season gets under way, reveals the candidates that U.S. adults view as the most desired neighbors.

Rose Bowl Parade Flowers: Kinds of Blooms on Floats to Greet the New Year 2008

The 2008 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena California includes floats decorated with flowers and other organic plant material. But where are all the roses!

December 2007

Newsweek Stories in December 31, 2007-January 7, 2008 Issue

Three decades after its emergence from Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, China has grown from one of the world’s poorest countries to the second most important country on the planet. China’s new position as a superpower, however, is still fragile and it is up to them as well as the United States to handle this shift peacefully. A team of correspondents and guest columnists share their thoughts on China and its new place as a superpower.

Survey Results: Americans Turning Green in 2008

A poll released here yesterday by Tiller, LLC, indicated that 49% of all American adults say they will make a green New Year's resolution this year.