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09 January 2008 20:00

Immigration Offenses - Broden and Mickelsen – Criminal Defense Attorneys

Those charged with immigration offenses in federal court often face very severe penalties. For example, a person who reenters the United States after having been deported for committing certain felonies can face approximately seven year s imprisonment.

09 January 2008 19:45

Federal Drug Trafficking Charges - Broden and Mickelsen – Criminal Defense Attorneys in Dallas Texas

The penalties facing persons charged with drug offenses in federal court are mind boggling. For example, time and time again we have seen young people, without any criminal record, facing a minimum of ten years in federal prison based upon drug charges. This is a minimum sentence and, many times, the reality is that they are facing much harsher sentences in the range of thirty years to life. Also, unlike state prison, persons serving time in federal prison must serve eighty-five percent of their sentence.

Federal White Collar Offenses

The firm of Broden amp; Mickelsen specializes in the aggressive representation of individuals and businesses charged with various types of fraud and white collar offenses in federal court. White collar and fraud charges in federal court usually result in multi-count indictments.

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