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A VC: From Twittergram to SwitchABit

Which points out the issues and the opportunity with something like SwitchABit. A "bit router" is a very cool concept but to make it really useful, the team will need to understand a lot about why people put their digital content in various places. For example, I don't really want all of my twitter posts going to Facebook, my blog's twitter badge, and Tumblr. But I'd like some of them to go there. I don't want all my photos I send to twitter to go to Flickr, but I want some of them to go there. I don't want all my tumblr posts to go to this blog, but I'd love some of them to go there.



Dispatch your data everywhere.

Human vs. Machine: The Great Challenge of Our Time

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pas de gentil poney cette fois ci, désolé gandour


The vision 20/20

Users simply add their address, city and/ or zip code to the Vision 20/20 site, and then the locations of sex offenders in the immediate vicinity are displayed over a map.

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Project Agape

Project Agape is a venture backed start-up based in Berkeley, CA.

We've worked in both technology and politics, building successful consumer Internet services and organizing major political campaigns.

We're applying these diverse experiences to deploy a platform for large-scale political and social activism on the Internet, allowing anyone with passion and initiative to make a difference.

Netvibes hacké !

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Ce blogueur expliquait comment, en créant un module Netvibes, il a réussi à s'introduire dans l'arrière boutique du site et a avoir accès aux identifiants des utilisateurs.


Hop Home page

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Hop is a new programming language designed for the Web 2.0. It is a higher-order language for programming interactive web applications such as web agendas, web galleries, music players, etc. Hop can be viewed as a replacement for traditional graphical toolkits. HOP is implemented as a Web broker, i.e., a Web server that may act indifferently as a regular Web server or Web proxy.

Mapping Data Between Domains : Are We Trying Too Hard, And Simply Overlooking The Obvious? - O'Reilly XML Blog

All this leads up to a question: How can I copy an event from one of these services and paste it into another? My conclusion is that adopting Live Clipboard and microformats will be necessary but not sufficient. We’ll also need a way to agree that, for example, this venue is the same as that venue. At the end, I float an idea about how we might work toward such agreements.

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