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April 2009

The Next Killer App is to Twitter as 1-2-3 was to Visicalc (Scripting News)

See, that's what I really think Twitter is -- a Network Construction Kit for Real People.

February 2009

January 2009

December 2008

Twitter / Mitternacht: @underflow_ Twitter c'est ...

Un media est tout sauf neutre :) L'impact qu'il a sur la société est bien plus important que l'impact que peut avoir n'importe quel contenu véhiculé par ce média.

August 2008

May 2008

Twitter: Now As Powerful as “The Clapper”

Voila ce que c'est de fournir un serveur SMS .. les gens s'amusent. Par contre je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je n'utiliserai pas twitter comme bus de messages pour gerer la securite dans ma maison :)

A VC: From Twittergram to SwitchABit

Which points out the issues and the opportunity with something like SwitchABit. A "bit router" is a very cool concept but to make it really useful, the team will need to understand a lot about why people put their digital content in various places. For example, I don't really want all of my twitter posts going to Facebook, my blog's twitter badge, and Tumblr. But I'd like some of them to go there. I don't want all my photos I send to twitter to go to Flickr, but I want some of them to go there. I don't want all my tumblr posts to go to this blog, but I'd love some of them to go there.


April 2008

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