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February 2007

(U) RSS and Atom Considerations: Moving Toward Atom (UNCLASSIFIED)

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This white paper recommends that the Intelligence Community, over time, move toward adoption of Atom Syndication Format as the Community’s standard XML-based language for syndication feeds. The paper compares Atom to the current de facto standard, RSS 2.0, and explains the many benefits to be gained by moving toward Atom.

September 2005

An overview of the Atom 1.0 Syndication Format

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Get a technical overview of the popular Atom Syndication Format. This article discusses Atom's technical strengths relative to other syndication formats, and offers several compelling use case examples that illustrate those strengths.

July 2005

Draft : Feed History extension by Mark Nottingham

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This document specifies mechanisms that allow feed publishers to give hints about the nature of the feed's statefulness, and a means of retrieving "missed" entries from a stateful feed.

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