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October 2007

Apple - Hot News

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We want native third party applications on the iPhone, and we plan to have an SDK in developers’ hands in February. [...]

Nokia, for example, is not allowing any applications to be loaded onto some of their newest phones unless they have a digital signature that can be traced back to a known developer. While this makes such a phone less than “totally open,” we believe it is a step in the right direction.

FSB Software

Facebook contacted me and requested that I stop distribution of FacebookSync since it is in violation of Facebook's Terms of Use. Sorry to all out there who will miss this useful application.

FacebookSync 2.1 released, now functionality has been severely limited to comply with Facebook's Terms of Use (only uses Facebook Platform to communicate with Facebook)

facebook sucks

August 2007

Apple - iMac

Jusqu'où s'arrêteront-ils ...

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January 2007

Steve Jobs drague Orange | SVM Mac

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Steve Jobs aurait passé une heure en compagnie du PDG d'Orange, Didier Lombard en visite en Californie, pour lui faire essayer l'iPhone...

December 2006

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