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30 October 2008

Piratage en ligne : le Sénat maintient le principe de la coupure d'accès Internet - Technologies - Le

Ils n'ont rien de mieux a faire??? Ca fait peur. Desactiver tout sauf l'email ca veut dire quoi :) ?

Slate Language Website

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Slate is a prototype-based object-oriented programming language based on Self, CLOS, and Smalltalk-80.

Bonnes sources d'inspiration :)

29 October 2008

Intentional Software

Company building a language workbench.

27 October 2008

24 October 2008

23 October 2008

CSSHttpRequest - Hacks -

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Aller, c'est la fete du hack !!

20 October 2008

17 October 2008

15 October 2008

11 October 2008

Modern Money Mechanics

A Workbook on Bank Reserves and Deposit Expansion


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conspiracy theories

05 October 2008

30 September 2008

22 September 2008

15 September 2008

12 September 2008

Mobile Opportunity: App stores and APIs: It's the ecosystem, stupid

Thoughtful article about the mobile apps ecosystems

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