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February 2006

Independent Games Festival - Audience Award

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Check out the following 19 finalists in IGF's Main Competition category, then cast a vote for the one you think should win the Audience Award.

TenSpot: Top Ten Rhythm Games

Though rhythm games arguably had their heyday 5 to 10 years ago, recent releases have shown us that the genre has still got it, and it continues to improve every step of the way. We now take a look back at the top 10 rhythm games of all time, leaving no platform unturned and letting no region-encoding stand in our way. As with every TenSpot, the games listed aren't in any particular order, so don't go reading between the lines, thinking we've ranked them. All of these games stand as equals in their collective greatness.

January 2006

A History of Video Game Music

video game music is now a legitimate industry of its own.

October 2005

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