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March 2006 - Play with your friends! - Flash Player Installation

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Permite colocar o jogo no post. Tem api para criação de jogos e integração multiplayer.

February 2006 - Play with your friends! - Flash Player Installation

Ambiente multiplayer que permite que se integre um jogo qualquer com ele. Ferramentas para o desenvolvedor.


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Ruby/Amazon is a Ruby language library that allows programmatic access to the popular Amazon Web site via the REST (XML over HTTP) based Amazon Web Services. In addition to the original site, the,,,, and properties are also supported.

®¤©: weblog: Fastr API

I've built in two function calls for anyone interested in making any changes to fastr. They're filters on the scores and the photos, which take HTML fragments as input and should give back edited HTML fragments as output. Both are called before the HTML is inserted into the page. You could use this, for example, to highlight certain names in the scores (as FastrFriends does) or make the photos larger, such as I've done in the sample bookmarklet here:

httpy -- a sane and robust HTTP library for Python

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This is my contribution to the wild and woolly world of Python web programming. For a short intro, check out the screencast (Flash; ~45 sec; ~2 MB). After that, the manual should answer most of your questions. If not, check the source, or the Google Group.

Web Service File Transfer Protocol - a good start

Announcing WSFile, the beginnings of a new protocol to send files and other large amounts of data over web service.

November 2005

XML-RPC Specification

"This specification documents the XML-RPC protocol implemented in UserLand Frontier 5.1.For a non-technical explanation, see XML-RPC for Newbies."

October 2005

Querying brazilian CEP (postal code) webservices

Exemplo em PERL para usar Web Service dos Correios.

Correios: Office 2003

Web Service de consulta de CEP oficial dos correios!