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20 November 2005

no mínimo | .Comportamento | Web 2.0 molda a nova internet

'Mas, como tudo caminha em ciclos, uma hora esse suposto marasmo haveria de dar lugar à retomada do desenvolvimento. Assim, alguns pensadores digitais começaram a definir parâmetros para delimitar melhor essa evolução, chamando este novo estágio da internet de web 2.0. O termo partiu de Dale Doughrty, vice-presidente da O’Reilly Media (, respeitada companhia do segmento de tecnologia, e já está amplamente difundido no meio virtual. Por sinal, “Web 2.0 Conference” ( é o nome do evento da atualidade mais conceituado para a discussão de novas tendências da web, fruto justamente dos conceitos de Dale e Tim O`Reilly – presidente da firma que leva o seu sobrenome."

14 November 2005

10 November 2005

IT Conversations: Peter Norvig - Inside Google

Peter NorvigGoogleInside GooglePeter Norvig Play now: | Download MP3 | Help with Listening Link to it: Permalink | Create a Clip or Excerpt [runtime: 00:15:02, 6.9 mb, recorded 2005-03-15] Add this program to your personall program queue. Who's linking to this?At Google engineers and researchers are not two different groups of people. This culture is very unique to Google and Google shows off the product prototypes developed using this approach online at Google Labs. Most of these prototypes are built by Google employees who use 20% of their working time at Google to work on their own ideas.Google has expanded from searching webpages to searching videos, books, places and even files on your own desktop. This expansion is made possible though Google's understanding and classification of information, facilitated by the application of algorithms in the domains of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. Google has also made use of innovative technologies such as AJAX to improve the accessibility of web interfaces.Some of the products that have come out of the Google Labs experiment are Google Suggest which autocompletes queries as they're typed. Google Sets is another feature where you can specify two or more keywords and generate a whole set depending on the commonality and relationship between the two objects. Personalised search varies the results returned depending upon your profile and preferences. Google Maps allows users to explore territories by dragging the map in the direction they are interested in.

07 November 2005

03 November 2005

Web Essentials '05: Bringing a Web conference to the Web, by Jeffrey Veen

"Last week I spoke at Web Essentials '05, an invigorating conference in Sydney, Australia. The folks attending were so engaged and excited"

02 November 2005

28 October 2005

Web Two Point Oh!

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Gerador de nome de empresa da web2.0.

26 October 2005

23 October 2005

Grand Text Auto » Digital Humanities Quarterly: Call for Scholarly and Creative Work

Digital Humanities Quarterly will publish scholarly articles, editorials, experiments in interactive media, and reviews of books, web sites, new media art, and digital humanities systems.

Official Google Blog: Guess what just turned 34?

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It provided a fast and dynamic interface from web browsers everywhere, popularizing the techniques that have since become known as AJAX.

20 October 2005

IDG Now! Webmail Brasileiro em ajax

� frente de competidores de peso, como Yahoo e Microsoft, que ainda trabalham nos seus betas, a Inova, empresa brasileira fundada em 1996, lan�a uma plataforma de webmail baseada em AJAX, arquitetura que permite o desenvolvimento de aplica��es web ricas.

16 October 2005

Canal Web: Web 2.0 - O que diabos é isso?

"Bem, Web 2.0 não é uma nova tecnologia, mas sim um termo que descreve um novo paradigma na criação de sites e serviços para a Internet."

15 October 2005

Querying brazilian CEP (postal code) webservices

Exemplo em PERL para usar Web Service dos Correios.

Correios: Office 2003

Web Service de consulta de CEP oficial dos correios!

Web 2.0 Workgroup - A network of Web 2.0 resources

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The Web 2.0 Workgroup is a network of premium weblogs that write content exclusively about the new generation of the Web. Combined, these sites reach a large readership of influential technology and media professionals.

14 October 2005