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04 March 2006

26 February 2006

25 February 2006

GameCultura: Video: Bate-papo sobre gamearte

Este é o vídeo de nosso bate-papo sobre gamearte, que rolou no SESC Consolação dia 20/02/06. Para quem não pode estar aqui, ou quer relembrar, veja aqui o vídeo hospedado no Google Video.

Gamasutra - IEMA/VSDA Hire Spencer As Federal Game Lobbyist

The Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association and Video Software Dealers Association, the two main trade groups of the retail side of the video game industry, have contracted Stuart Spencer as a lobbyist to represent their interests before Congress and other federal agencies. | Video Computer System

Um clássico do Golder Shower. Para quem não conhece, vale assistir até o final. É a cultura do videogame presentes em todos os lugares.

18 February 2006

Raph’s Website » Video of Churchill Club panel now available

You can stream it from GameSpot and see whether in fact it deserved to set the Internet on fire the way it apparently has. :)

Casual Game Design » Game design at Casuality Europe

# Make it really hard. # Have a dozen mediocre game modes instead of one good one. # Make it a 600 MB download that requires two next generation video cards and 4GB RAM. # Price your game at $35 or $3.50 and sell only from your myspace homepage. # Use the right mouse button. # Give it a terrible name or theme. # Award low scores. # Expect users to read. # Make it challenging and cerebral. # Ignore what everyone else says about your game.

Schtick 'Em Up: The Shooter Gets Weird from

Shooters are the foundation of the video game industry, dating back all the way to the 1960's with Steve Russell's classic Spacewar. Since that time, the genre has been responsible for bringing much depth to the world of interactive entertainment, popularizing vital concepts like the power-up and the end-of-level boss which are still used in many of today's greatest games.

Intelligent Artifice: Augmented reality cell phone soccer game

C-LAB, the software arm of Siemens Business Services and the University of Paderborn have created "Kick Real," which is an AUGMENTED REALITY SOCCER GAME for cell phones. To play, you aim your camera phone down, and the video screen superimposes a soccer field on the live video of your foot. You can see the virtual ball, and "kick" it with your real foot to try and score goals.

12 February 2006

Raph’s Website » Are single-player games doomed?

The entire video game industry’s history thus far has been an aberration. It has been a mutant monster only made possible by unconnected computers. People always play games together. All of you learned to play games with each other. When you were kids, you played tag, tea parties, cops and robbers, what have you. The single-player game is a strange mutant monster which has only existed for 21 years and is about to go away because it is unnatural and abnormal.

05 February 2006

Physics-Based Games: Reviews, Game Downloads, and Developer Interviews » Block-Stacking Fun: Solid Balance

Solid Balance is a stacking physics game by Solid Games. It’s a physics game that replicates something we all probably did in our childhood: stack boxes. The goal of each level is to stack an ever-increasing number of boxes and other objects without tipping everything over.

Re:Retro - The Classic and Retro Games Blog

They do indeed go everywhere. Andreas Wieslander and his band of intrepid film makers/musicians/gamers pay homage to Parappa the Rapper in this excellent video, which is a cover of “Cheep Cheep Cooking Chicken’s Rap” from the first title in the PaRappa series.

29 January 2006

The New Gamer | Averaging Gradius

After I created a demo video as a proof-of-concept (which consisted of me playing a short section of the game several times) I invited people to send me gameplay recordings. I ended up with 15 different submissions, including my own.

ACM is hosting a two-day video game symposium on 29 July and 30 July in 2006, co-located with SIGGRAPH 06 in Boston, MA, USA. The symposium will consist of keynotes, panels and papers. In addition, a "Hot Games" session will preview unreleased titles from major game companies and indie developers.

GameCultura: Sistema de Video Interativo

que visa avaliar o estado emocional do usuário através de sua expressão facial. Por meio da reflexão de um feixe de raios infravermelhos na esclera, o sistema realiza uma leitura aproximadado grau de abertura do olho. Foi realizado um teste com uma pequena amostra de usuários, no qual o sistema realizou medições durante a exibição de trechos de filmes e gerou um gráfico que foi posteriormente comparado com suas expressões faciais. A análise dos padrões obtidos permitiu evidenciar modelos de leitura para algumas situações. Ao final são sugeridas algumas diretrizes para desenvolvimentos posteriores a partir deste sistema.

28 January 2006

21 January 2006

GameDAILY: Porn Stars Love Video Games

"Most times when I see an interview on a game website all I can think is, "What a load of crap"! It's not that the information is bad per se, but videogame magazines and websites are content to interview the same damn people year after year and they always say the same things. Like, I get it. I know that most NFL players carry copies of Madden NFL 06 with them like drunks carry flasks. I get it. I'm aware that Brooke Burke just loves Need for Speed, but only because she's practically married to Electronic Arts. "

Gamasutra - Interview - "Rodney Greenblat, The Mother Of Sony's Almost Mario"

Ten years ago, Sony brought three dimensions, as well as the concept of "maturity", to the video gaming masses. And yet, when many people think back to the "PlayStation era", a hyper realistic character in a 3D landscape doesn't necessarily come to mind. Instead, they think of a flat cartoony dog that could rap.

Music video game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A music video game, also commonly known as a music game, rhythm action game, or rhythm game, is a type of video game where the gameplay is oriented almost entirely around the player's ability to follow a musical beat and stay with the rhythm of the game's soundtrack. Since the game play for this type of game is largely aural rather than visual, this type of game is similar to audio games. However, music games generally require a visual component as well.

Vib-Ribbon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vib-Ribbon is a rhythm video game in the style of PaRappa the Rapper and more recently Amplitude. The game was unique in its execution, the software loaded into RAM enabling the user to remove the game-disc and insert a music CD.

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