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February 2006

Folksonomies: Tidying up Tags?

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1. Introduction A folksonomy is a type of distributed classification system. It is usually created by a group of individuals, typically the resource users. Users add tags to online items, such as images, videos, bookmarks and text. These tags are then shared and sometimes refined. A general review of social bookmarking tools, one popular use area of folksonomies, was given in the April edition of D-Lib [1]. In the article the authors elaborate on the approach taken by social classification systems and the motivators behind tagging. They write, "...tags are just one kind of metadata and are not a replacement for formal classification systems such as Dublin Core, MODS, etc.... Rather, they are a supplemental means to organise information and order search results."

October 2005

TagCloud - Home

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TagCloud is an automated Folksonomy tool. Essentially, TagCloud searches any number of RSS feeds you specify, extracts keywords from the content and lists them according to prevalence within the RSS feeds. Clicking on the tag's link will display a list of all the article abstracts associated with that keyword.

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A folksonomia permite aliar várias palavras a vários conteúdos com auxílio de informantes reunidos em uma rede social. Apesar de não ser tão intuitiva e disseminada como a dos diretórios ou folders, ela foi rapidamente compreendida e difundida por uma faixa de early adopters de aplicativos para a Web. O sucesso diante deste público baseia-se na metáfora que não está mais no mundo real de grandes arquivos de metal, mas sim nos hipertextos que fazem parte do cotidiano destes usuários há dez anos ou mais.