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February 2006

Heroine Sheik » Blog Archive » Orgasm: the Ultimate Game

What is a game, at its simplest, but an interactive challenge with a goal? Let’s go one better, and say a game — this game at least — takes skill, and that that necessary skill-level, along with the game itself, gets higher/faster/harder as the game continues, until it finally culminates in one last explosive battle.

January 2006

Lula 3D

"Originally only available in Europe, Lula 3D, an erotic adult adventure game for the PC, is coming to North America in March 2006. Lula 3D, due to its adult-focused explicit content, will be available in North America exclusively through digital distribution. "

GameDAILY: Porn Stars Love Video Games

"Most times when I see an interview on a game website all I can think is, "What a load of crap"! It's not that the information is bad per se, but videogame magazines and websites are content to interview the same damn people year after year and they always say the same things. Like, I get it. I know that most NFL players carry copies of Madden NFL 06 with them like drunks carry flasks. I get it. I'm aware that Brooke Burke just loves Need for Speed, but only because she's practically married to Electronic Arts. "

GameCultura: Atrizes pornôs também jogam videogames

Um repórter espertinho foi em uma feira de filmes pornô, entrevistou as celebridades do meio (sobre videogames, claro), e colocou as fotos das entrevistadas, vestidas para trabalhar.

Slashdot | Sex in Games Conference Announced

According to the group putting it on, the conference is to 'focus on the design, development, and technology of sex in video games from a national as well as international perspective.'

Jogo de videogame quer estimular prazer sexual feminino - Terra - Hardware & Software

Um bichinho virtual simpático e aparentemente inocente chamado Lapis é a estrela de um projeto gamístico ambicioso e polêmico para o Nintendo DS, que tem a finalidade de estimular o prazer feminino e melhorar o sexo no mundo.

:: Último Segundo - Minipornografia, um meganegócio

A Apple Computer levou 20 dias para chegar a 1 milhão de downloads de arquivos de vídeo de sua loja online. O site SuicideGirls, oferecendo vídeos gratuitos de modelos sem roupa, atingiu a marca em cerca de uma semana. The Cybergypsies : A True Tale of Lust, War, & Betrayal on the Electronic Frontier: Books

The story of bad behavior--fanaticism about small debates, gender-disguised "Netsex," the spending of other people's money on vast phone bills--has been told by others. In The Cybergypsies: A True Tale of Lust, War, and Betrayal on the Electronic Frontier, Indra Sinha tells the same story in a British context where the poverty and uncertainty of the Thatcher era made everything that much more intense and obsessive. This is also the story of the near collapse of the author's marriage: he withdrew from his wife or dragged her off to meet Net chums who never showed up--or showed up and never introduced themselves.

Naughty America: The Game promete cenas de sexo na tela do computador - Arena iG - O canal de Jogos do iG

Apesar da descoberta de um patch no game GTA: San Andreas em que é possível ter acesso a cenas de sexo, sabe-se que o objetivo principal do jogo não é manter relações sexuais. E se houvesse um título que se propusesse a levar os jogadores para a cama tanto no mundo virtual como no real?

November 2005

Gamasutra - Interview - "Developing Sex in Games with Brenda Brathwaite"

"Brenda Brathwaite, a 23-year veteran of the video games industry, has worked on 21 published titles, including most recently Cyberlore's Playboy: The Mansion. She is also the founder and chair of the International Game Developers Association's Sex Special Interest Group, which has as its goal the welcoming of “all developers actively creating or interested in the development of adult sexual content.” The SIG also aims to promote discussion about the adult content development community, and “the unique issues, challenges, possibilities it faces.”"

October 2005

Montréal International Game Summit

Video games are emerging as the dominant form of art and entertainment of the 21st century, enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players worldwide. As a culturally potent and expressive medium, developers should be able to explore all aspects of the human condition - as we see in film, literature, etc.

Next Generation - Closer Look at Sex in Games

At today's Women's Game Conference, veteran game designer Brenda Brathwaite will tackle the subject of 'Sex in Games'. Next Generation caught up with her for a preview.