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25 February 2006

Learning Information Extraction Rules for Semi-structured and Free Text - Soderland (ResearchIndex)

A wealth of on-line text information can be made available to automatic processing by information extraction (IE) systems. Each IE application needs a separate set of rules tuned to the domain and writing style. WHISK helps to overcome this knowledge-engineering bottleneck by learning text extraction rules automatically. WHISK is designed to handle text styles ranging from highly structured to free text, including text that is neither rigidly formatted nor composed of grammatical sentences....

Gamasutra - Soapbox - "World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things" - printer friendly

Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft has over 5 million subscribers worldwide, as of this writing. It's the most successful massively multiplayer game on Earth right now. This well-crafted game has put other games in its genre to shame. Blizzard is a great company, and I might even end up there some day, though this article probably rules out that possibility.

18 February 2006