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March 2006

CodeGuru: Mould Text in Any Shape

Sometimes, putting text in a rectangular block may just be a little too straight. I designed the C++ class QEnvelopeText to widen the range of layout options. With it, you can mould a piece of body type in any shape. It operates in the realm of GDI+, the extension of GDI which was introduced with Windows XP. In go a GraphicsPath with the "envelope" and a text string; out comes another GraphicsPath containing the enveloped text.

February 2006

Why avoiding tables (for layout) is important

On Scripting News on February 13, 2002, Dave Winer asks why avoiding tables is so important in web-design and points here. This is an attempt to answer that question. Thanks for the link and conversation, Dave! I want to make clear that I’m not saying you should never use tables. Tables are in HTML, and when you want to display tabular data, you should use them. But for layout, there are other options.

CSS Page Layout Templates, Free Site Templates,

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The 'box hack' has been removed from the templates in the last round of changes which means the 'pixel-perfect' templates are not 'pixel-perfect' in IE5xPC. Future versions may include the box-hack again.

October 2005