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March 2006

NTSC-uk Features > OMEGA Interview

Following on from our article on Homebrew Shmup's, NTSC-uk decided to catch up with OMEGA, the Japan based homebrew Shmup developer (and creators of titles such as EveryExtend and Dan! Da! Dan!) to find out a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes.

NTSC-uk Features > ABA Games Interview

NTSC-uk spoke to ABA Games, the Japan based homebrew Shmup developer (and creators of titles such as Torus Trooper and rRootage) to find out more.

February 2006

Linkology - How the Most-Linked-To Blogs Relate

There are upwards of 27 million blogs in the world. To discover how they relate to one another, we’ve taken the most-linked-to 50 and mapped their connections. Each arrow represents a hypertext link that was made sometime in the past 90 days. Think of those links as votes in an endless global popularity poll. Many blogs vote for each other: “blogrolling.” Some top-50 sites don’t have any links from the others shown here, usually because they are big in Japan, China, or Europe—regions still new to the phenomenon.

Freeloader Vol. 3: ABA Shooter Madness from

ABA Games is a little Japanese company that has dedicated itself to that strange, videogame induced Nirvana, and they've produced a half dozen games that'll help you get there. Stranger still, they don't want a penny for it. How enlightened.

OMEGA | Dan Da Dan

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Do mesmo autor do E3, ou melhor, E2. Shooter + Puzzle

January 2006

Project Densha - The 'Densha Otoko' Translation Project

Densha Otoko, or 'Train Man' is the name of a very popular book published in Japan in early 2005, which tells the true story of a nerdy guy who falls in love with a girl who he saved from a ruffian on a train. This entire story takes place on a Japanese bulletin board system called 2ch, or 'ni-channel', particularly in a thread called 'Men Being Shot from Behind', where single men get together and gripe about being single.

ASCII by Jason Scott: The Best BBS Movie Ever Made

The best dramatic movie about BBSes was created not in the 1980s, but last year, 2005. And it wasn't a movie, it was a TV series. And it wasn't made in the United States - it was made in Japan. It's called Densha Otoko (Train Man), and in my opinion it is the best dramatization of using a BBS, ever, in a visual medium.

Mind Hacks: Almost human

The International Robot Exhibition concluded recently in Japan, where the world's robot manufacturers displayed their most advanced and, in some cases, human-like creations.

Hardcore Gaming 101 - Japanese Artwork of Western Games

We're all familiar with Japanese box art being changed for Americans, whether they alter the art style completely or replace minimalistic covers with garish Photoshopped collages. Just as interesting is how they taken American or European games and market them in Japan. This is a small comparison gallery of some of the more interesting changes. Most of these images were yanked from Amazon Japan and Lik Sang, so, uh, patronize them, I guess.

November 2005

Yaroze 2006 Sony Game Design Competition | Dexigner

Sony Japan is holding auditions to unearth new talent in the area of game creation.The Game Yaroze! 2006 (also known as "Let's Play a Game!") competition has been running since 1995.

Yahoo! 360° - Computer Mediated Communication - Yume : A 15 year quest completed

"15 years ago I traveled to Japan with my family as part of a Fujitsu marketing campaign for the Japanese version of Habitat, the first avatar virtual world. "

October 2005