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February 2006

Grand Text Auto » Beta-test Façade 1.1!

Seeking volunteers to do a quick beta-test of Façade v1.1, sporting the following new features:

January 2006

October 2005

Developing Interactive Narrative Content

A new compilation of articles 'sagas_sagasnet_reader: Developing Interactive Narrative Content' published at HighText-Verlag, sheds light on the broad spectrum of issues to be considered while developing interactive narrative content and is written for all with an interest in the development of storybased interactive applications.

Interactive Fiction nominees available for download from Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog

There are some tremendous "interactive fictions" (as they're now called) out there in Internet Land, from the re-issue of the classic Hitchhiker's Guilde to the Galaxy to the superb adaptation of Hamlet (which was such a hit that it seems to have overstepped its bandwidth allowance).