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March 2006

February 2006

Link - Sua vida digital | Só pode ser coisa do Cocadaboa

Depois de cinco anos ‘fazendo bobagem’ na internet, editor de site de humor agora espalha boatos por dinheiro

YouTube - Brokeback to the future

Brokeback Mountain + De volta para o futura

January 2006

GameCultura: Videogame e cabibalismo

Uma instituição patrulhadora, chamada National Institute on Media and the Family, divulgou uma lista dos títulos canibais "a serem evitados".

Canal Web: Eu acredito em Web 2.0

"Mas e como explicar Web 2.0 para um leigo?" Em construção => BETA

:: let's blogar :: | Dieta do Engenheiro

Pelas leis da termodinâmica, sabemos que uma caloria é a energia necessária para elevar em 1°C a temperatura de 1g de água.

Data Mining 101: Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists | Applefritter

Vast deposits of personal information sit in databases across the internet. Terms used in phone conversations have become the grounds for federal investigation. Reputable organizations like the Catholic Worker, Greenpeace, and the Vegan Community Project, have come under scrutiny by FBI "counterterrorism" agents.

How To Write Unmaintainable Code

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In the interests of creating employment opportunities in the Java programming field, I am passing on these tips from the masters on how to write code that is so difficult to maintain, that the people who come after you will take years to make even the simplest changes. Further, if you follow all these rules religiously, you will even guarantee yourself a lifetime of employment, since no one but you has a hope in hell of maintaining the code. Then again, if you followed all these rules religiously, even you wouldn't be able to maintain the code!

BBC NEWS | England | 'Superhero' takes on clampers

Clad in a blue leotard and wielding a saw, a man claiming to be the UK's first wheel clamp vigilante is offering his services to motorists.

November 2005 (1730698) I, for one, welcome our new Jack Thompson overlord, and suggest that we use Photoshop to take violent video games and make them non-violent

"I, for one, welcome our new Jack Thompson overlord, and suggest that we use Photoshop to take violent video games and make them non-violentFarkers have clicked on the above link 11488 times"

Something Awful

Everyone can relate to the experience of purchasing a popular video game title and finding out the gameplay is a huge pile of crap. This was especially true of old Nintendo games, where were often just violent adventures in trying to get a vaguely human-shaped set of blocks to jump over a pit. This trend of awful gameplay and stories continues to this day, thanks in part to thousands of game designers without any vision whatsoever. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons do some community service and re-title games in a more honest manner.