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February 2006

Grand Text Auto » Beta-test Façade 1.1!

Seeking volunteers to do a quick beta-test of Façade v1.1, sporting the following new features:

Grand Text Auto » Boucoup Freeware Stickman Action

Raigan Burns, one half of the N team whom we briefly met at Slamdance, sends us this list of freeware games he recommends, culled from looking at hundreds of freeware titles. Several of the stickman titles in the list were inspiration for N, which won the Audience award at both IGF05 and Slamdance06. Enjoy, in no particular order:

Grand Text Auto » Contribute to AI Standards

The IGDA’s AI Interface Standards Committee is recruiting new members, from both industry and academia. See the call for applications below, open until February 20:

January 2006

Grand Text Auto » Computational Aesthetics Workshop at AAAI

Our aesthetic agency for beauty and emotion is one of the most celebrated bastions of humanity. If machines could understand and affect our perceptions of beauty and happiness, they could touch people's lives in fantastic new ways. Drawing variously from work in diverse fields such as psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy, recent applications of artificial intelligence have begun their foray into the computation of, inter alia, art, music, poetry, and affect. Both the theory and praxis of aesthetics by computational means are seeing rapid advances, and the time is ripe for thematic integration. Hence, this workshop will bring together AI theorists and practitioners across various realms in study and celebration of its central thematic, COMPUTATIONAL AESTHETICS.

Grand Text Auto » Testing Turing

A Review of Turing (A Novel about Computation) Christos H. Papadimitriou MIT Press 2003/2005 paper 208 pp. $32.00/$13.95 paper

November 2005

October 2005

Grand Text Auto » Digital Humanities Quarterly: Call for Scholarly and Creative Work

Digital Humanities Quarterly will publish scholarly articles, editorials, experiments in interactive media, and reviews of books, web sites, new media art, and digital humanities systems.

Grand Text Auto » DAC05 Program

"Digital Arts and Culture 2005, to be held this December in Copenhagen, looks to be a very stimulating event as usual. The list of papers is now online, including several scholars and artists you may be familiar with from discussions here at GTxA:"

Grand Text Auto » Live at the IndieGamesCon (day 1)

GarageGames’ introduction:“It is now possible to quit your dayjob and support yourself making indie games”

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