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March 2006

Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace

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I want to talk with you today about how teenagers are using a website called I will briefly describe the site and then discuss how youth use it for identity production and socialization in contemporary American society. I have been following MySpace since its launch in 2003. Initially, it was the home to 20-somethings interested in indie music in Los Angeles. Today, you will be hard pressed to find an American teenager who does not know about the site, regardless of whether or not they participate. Over 50 million accounts have been created and the majority of participants are what would be labeled youth - ages 14-24. MySpace has more pageviews per day than any site on the web except Yahoo! (yes, more than Google or MSN).

February 2006

O efeito Katilce - Webinsider

O viral na internet nunca foi tão forte. Quem dominar esse mistério em favor de uma marca, mudará a história da comunicação.

GameCultura: Video: Bate-papo sobre gamearte

Este é o vídeo de nosso bate-papo sobre gamearte, que rolou no SESC Consolação dia 20/02/06. Para quem não pode estar aqui, ou quer relembrar, veja aqui o vídeo hospedado no Google Video.

httpy -- a sane and robust HTTP library for Python

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This is my contribution to the wild and woolly world of Python web programming. For a short intro, check out the screencast (Flash; ~45 sec; ~2 MB). After that, the manual should answer most of your questions. If not, check the source, or the Google Group.


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AJAXSLT is an implementation of XSL-T in JavaScript, intended for use in fat web pages, which are nowadays referred to as AJAX applications. Because XSL-T uses XPath, it is also an implementation of XPath that can be used independently of XSL-T.

O que os criadores do Google vieram fazer no Brasil? |

O jatinho fretado pelos criadores do google tocou solo brasileiro neste dia 30 de janeiro, vindo diretamente de Davos, onde aconteceu o Fórum Econômico Mundial. É a primeira viagem da dupla para um país da América do Sul.

Google Underground: Google quer incrementar parceria com UFMG - Notícias para quem não vive sem Google!

Co-fundadores da Google, maior empresa internacinoal de busca na Internet, os executivos norte-americanos Larry Page, presidente de produtos, e Sergey Brin, presidente de tecnologia, reuniram-se com autoridades e professores da UFMG, no final da tarde desta terça-feira, 31 de janeiro, para conhecer projetos da Universidade na área de informática e transferência de tecnologia.

January 2006

:: Último Segundo - A folha de pagamentos da Google já não é mais um segredo

Sentindo-se deprimido porque perdeu a explosão de fartura das ações da Google? Não se preocupe. É só entrar na folha de pagamento obscura da empresa.

» An Ex-Googler Speaks » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel

Doug Edwards, Google’s Director of Consumer Marketing and Brand Management from 1999-2005, has started blogging as Xoogler (or eX-Googler). He explains in his first post that he thought about writing a book, but deciding blogging was the Google way to do it. I kinda disagree, since the last time I saw frank blogging about the Googleplex, some guy got fired, but Doug’s results are more than fascinating.

The Prejudice Map

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Preconceitos sobre cada país segundo o Google.

November 2005

Google Underground: O que a "Revolução Google" pode causar? - Notícias para quem não vive sem Google!

Lojas, editoras, jornais, imobiliárias. Todos temem o 'efeito Google'. O Google e outros sites de busca, cada vez mais completos, informam ao consumidor onde encontrar o menor preço.

IT Conversations: Peter Norvig - Inside Google

Peter NorvigGoogleInside GooglePeter Norvig Play now: | Download MP3 | Help with Listening Link to it: Permalink | Create a Clip or Excerpt [runtime: 00:15:02, 6.9 mb, recorded 2005-03-15] Add this program to your personall program queue. Who's linking to this?At Google engineers and researchers are not two different groups of people. This culture is very unique to Google and Google shows off the product prototypes developed using this approach online at Google Labs. Most of these prototypes are built by Google employees who use 20% of their working time at Google to work on their own ideas.Google has expanded from searching webpages to searching videos, books, places and even files on your own desktop. This expansion is made possible though Google's understanding and classification of information, facilitated by the application of algorithms in the domains of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. Google has also made use of innovative technologies such as AJAX to improve the accessibility of web interfaces.Some of the products that have come out of the Google Labs experiment are Google Suggest which autocompletes queries as they're typed. Google Sets is another feature where you can specify two or more keywords and generate a whole set depending on the commonality and relationship between the two objects. Personalised search varies the results returned depending upon your profile and preferences. Google Maps allows users to explore territories by dragging the map in the direction they are interested in.

Google Video Downloader Final Version

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Some essential Google Video search tips:- When you search Google Video, the triangle icon on the screen shots indicate those items you can play back for free.- To limit your search to playable items, use the playable directive, e.g. singers playable:true.

October 2005

Official Google Blog: Guess what just turned 34?

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It provided a fast and dynamic interface from web browsers everywhere, popularizing the techniques that have since become known as AJAX.

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