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March 2006

February 2006 - Play with your friends! - Flash Player Installation

Ambiente multiplayer que permite que se integre um jogo qualquer com ele. Ferramentas para o desenvolvedor.

Hikoza'n-CHI X - Games

A shooting game with vertical scroll. In this game, there are only you and the boss ship. The more you beat a boss, the more next boss becomes strong. You have 180 seconds in first time, and it decreases. Time will increase, if a boss is beaten, and if you die, it will more decrease. Beat more bosses, before time is lost.

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang

You are the white ball. Move with the mouse, and explode yourself with the left mouse button. There are no other controls.

January 2006

Raph’s Website » Audition

As with many of the Asian games, there’s a nominally massively multiplayer lobby, which you enter minimally multiplayer games from. You play the game in order to earn virtual cash, plus you buy a different sort of virtual cash. You can then buy further accessories for your character (clothes, character customization, etc) and new stuff to play (in this case, songs) with that money.

Blobs in Games | SRE on web

"Yanick Bourbeau has built a web version of SRE called Imperium Galactica (which also happens to be the name of an older, unrelated game). It's fairly complete and offers a few things SRE did not (like simultaneous play by several players). I've been playing for a few days and it's fun! The game isn't quite balanced yet, but that will take a little bit of time to fine tune. Try it out!"

PC Logic Games: Bug Brain

This is part three of my five part series on programming logic games. This week's game, Bug Brain, uses neural nets as its programming model. Neural nets are a mainstay of machine learning in computer science and of science fiction stories. In each Bug Brain level, you have to construct a neural net to guide your bug to complete some task. For example, in the level pictured below, you program the lady bug, and your task to have it eat the three bugs without falling off the branch.

PC Logic Games: Node Warriors

Each turn, you queue up five instructions for your cyber bug to follow from the random list of available instructions.

GameTrack - Jogos de banda larga

Portal para jogos de banda larga. Com war e super trunfo.

November 2005

October 2005