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February 2006 - Bingo: A whole journal issue on videogames | International Digital Media & Arts Association Journal

Bingo: A whole journal issue on videogames Thursday, February 09 2006 Articles It's REALLY frustrating when you cannot get access to articles online. If you do game research, you know what I am talking about. I don't want to go into rant mode but let me just say: whenever you can, put the pdf online. I just accidentally run into a pdf version of the International Digital Media & Arts Association Journal, published on Spring 2005. It's dedicated in full to videogames and includes articles by such people as Chris Crawford, Janet Murray, Espen Aarseth, James Gee, Ian Bogost, Michael Mateas and many more. Stuff I haven't read by people I care. On a pdf file. Downloadable. Free for everybody. All over the world. This is great. This makes me happy. I actually may put down Animal Crossing DS just to take a look at this pdf. I am happy indeed.

January 2006

game girl advance: The Five Biggest Trends of 2005

The end of the year is upon us, and enough blogs and news sites have already written great articles on the best games of the year. Therefore, instead of being lost amongst the white noise of award features, I'd like to point out a few trends which I felt were especially important during 2005.

November 2005

IGDA - Articles - Bill of Rights

I first presented A Game Developers' Bill of Rights at a keynote presentation at the Montreal International Game Summit in November 2005. The Bill of Rights was part of a larger talk called Making and Breaking Rules: Game Design as a Critical Practice , which touched on issues of game design and the culture of games, as well as the business of the game industry. Following my talk, I prepared this short essay for the IGDA site.