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February 2006

Plasma ou LCD

Com novo design, grande qualidade de imagem e preços em queda, os televisores voltaram a ser objetos de desejo. E ainda vem aí a revolução digital

Past Issues - UI Design Newsletter

Kath Straub, Ph.D., CUA, Chief Scientist of HFI, looks at how to select the best menu presentation style for a given application.

January 2006

Progress Bar Using AJAX: Design Details

The sequence diagram below details the participants on both the client and server needed to provide an AJAX progress bar. The details are explained in further detail in the remainder of this document.

November 2005

The Philosophical Roots of Computer Game Design

"This is an approximate transcript of the text of my lecture at the 2004 GDC. I present it in this form because the nature of the material does not lend itself to the traditional paper format. Also, because the lecture is informal and to some extent ad-libbed, this is not a verbatim document."

October 2005

The Forge :: GNS and Other Matters of Role-playing Theory

. My goal in this writing is to provide vocabulary and perspective that enable people to articulate what they want and like out of the activity, and to understand what to look for both in other people and in game design to achieve their goals.