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05 March 2006

The 20' By 20' Room: John Kirk's Design Patterns of Successful Roleplaying Games

John Kirk has written a book, Design Patterns of Successful Roleplaying Games, in which he tries to catalogue successful game mechanics, why they work, and when (and when not) to use them. Design patterns are a communication tool from software development -- the idea is that successful projects will tend to have recurring patterns, and that by naming and describing them and the situations that call for their use, we can make it easier to turn tacit, experiential knowledge into a teachable skill.

04 March 2006 - Books

This is a non-exhaustive list of recommended books. New titles might be added to the list in the future. Books are organized by general subject (Technical Books, Game Design, Game Studies and related subjects) and, within subject, by no particular order.

25 February 2006

Functioning Form - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

Today Yahoo! released our internal Yahoo! Design Pattern Library under a Creative Commons License. This first release of interaction design patterns is small (just 13) but we'll be adding to it over the next few months.

19 February 2006

Plasma ou LCD

Com novo design, grande qualidade de imagem e preços em queda, os televisores voltaram a ser objetos de desejo. E ainda vem aí a revolução digital

One-Button Fun With Strange Attractors » Fun-Motion Physics Games

Strange Attractors by Ominous Development was created for Retro Remakes’ One Switch Competition. It tied for sixth place in the competition, but has since been nominated as a finalist for game design in this year’s Independent Games Festival. Everything in the game is controlled by a single button. In Strange Attractors, this single button toggles in the influence of gravity between the player’s ship and everything else

18 February 2006

Christian Nold Interaction Design RCA

Hypothetical biofeedback computer game with pulse rate sensors.

Casual Game Design » Game design at Casuality Europe

# Make it really hard. # Have a dozen mediocre game modes instead of one good one. # Make it a 600 MB download that requires two next generation video cards and 4GB RAM. # Price your game at $35 or $3.50 and sell only from your myspace homepage. # Use the right mouse button. # Give it a terrible name or theme. # Award low scores. # Expect users to read. # Make it challenging and cerebral. # Ignore what everyone else says about your game.

[ gustavo moura ] Blog: Design patterns - Padrões de Interação

Patterns é uma importante ferramenta de trabalho do designer de interfaces que pode ser traduzido em bibliotecas de “melhores práticas” de dispositivos e elementos usados no processo de concepção de uma interface interativa.

Yahoo Ajax Library

This is cool for all you Ajax developers out there. Yahoo has released their own Ajax user interface library under the BSD license. This is the companion code to their Design Pattern Library.

11 February 2006

"God of War" é o grande vencedor de premiação de Academia - 10/02/2006 - UOL Jogos - UOL Jogos

A Academia de Artes e Ciências Interativas - AIAS, na sigla em inglês - anunciou os vencedores do Prêmio Anual de Realização Interativa. A premiação ocorreu no congresso DICE (sigla para design, inovação, criação e entretenimento), realizando entre 8 e 10 de fevereiro.

05 February 2006

Design centrado em quê? [ Mercado Web ]

by 1 other
Identifiquei alguns centros comuns e incomuns no Design de Interação, mas deve ficar claro que eles podem acontecer em conjunto e mudar no decorrer do projeto:

Past Issues - UI Design Newsletter

Kath Straub, Ph.D., CUA, Chief Scientist of HFI, looks at how to select the best menu presentation style for a given application.

BBC - Culture Show - Design Quest

Verdana typeface has been selected by the Design Museum and BBC Two's The Culture Show to appear in a shortlist of 25 items for the Great British Design Quest, a nationwide vote to find the public's favourite example of design in Britain since 1900.

29 January 2006

Casual Game Design » The spacebar is all you need to have fun

A couple years back, I sent my mother an interactive Christmas card. The card was actually a little game. You played Santa and you were skiing down a hill. Along the hill were various obstacles and you had to jump over them by pressing the spacebar.

Casual Game Design » Coming up with game ideas

Coming up with game ideas is a creative process without much structure to it.

Blog of Booth

A blog about my life, game design theory, music, and whatever else is currently in my field of interests.

28 January 2006

19 January 2006

Raph’s Website » Masaya Matsuura’s foreword

the Japanese edition of A Theory of Fun for Game Design is out now. Masaya Matsuura was kind enough to write a foreword for this edition

Gamasutra - Book Excerpt - "Patterns in Game Design: Using Design Patterns"

The following is a selected excerpt of Chapter 4 from Patterns in Game Design (ISBN 1-53450-354-8) published by Charles River Media, Inc.

[ gustavo moura ] Blog: Design patterns

Patterns é uma importante ferramenta de trabalho do designer de interfaces que pode ser traduzido em bibliotecas de “melhores práticas” de dispositivos e elementos usados no processo de concepção de uma interface interativa.

GameStudy.Org » Blog Archive » Game Design, Trading Markets, and Playing Practices

Originally, this paper was prepared for an international conference of gaming. We were rejected for some shortcomings. Severe comments from two game academics were extremely appropriate, and gave great helps to revise this work. Now, we are in work to improve this article.

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