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28 January 2006 13:30

Project Densha - The 'Densha Otoko' Translation Project

Densha Otoko, or 'Train Man' is the name of a very popular book published in Japan in early 2005, which tells the true story of a nerdy guy who falls in love with a girl who he saved from a ruffian on a train. This entire story takes place on a Japanese bulletin board system called 2ch, or 'ni-channel', particularly in a thread called 'Men Being Shot from Behind', where single men get together and gripe about being single.

ASCII by Jason Scott: The Best BBS Movie Ever Made

The best dramatic movie about BBSes was created not in the 1980s, but last year, 2005. And it wasn't a movie, it was a TV series. And it wasn't made in the United States - it was made in Japan. It's called Densha Otoko (Train Man), and in my opinion it is the best dramatization of using a BBS, ever, in a visual medium.

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