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05 March 2006

Make Mac Games » Blog Archive » Bullfrog: Improving AI

I’ve been steadily plugging away at my list of bugs and enhancements for the upcoming release and finally tackled one area that I had been avoiding: improving the AI of some of the bugs.

04 March 2006

GameProducer.Net » Blog Archive » Sometimes Programming Is Like Playing an Adventure Game

If sometimes you feel you cannot solve a problem and you feel tired - go to sleep and let your brain solve the problem while at sleep. It just might work.

Gamers With Jobs Press Pass » Blog Archive » Interview with “Geometry Wars” Creator, Stephen Cakebread

Geometry Wars has been hailed as the “Halo of Xbox Live Arcade” referring to the relative popularity of the game. Intoxicating, frustrating and addictive all in one, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved provides a constant challenge and level of enjoyment, a siren song to gamers enticing them to play just one more game before hitting the sack. More than 200 thousand gamers, roughly a quarter of which actually paid, are currently wearing out their thumbs and roundly cursing one man, whether they know his name or not. That man is Stephen Cakebread, the designer and developer who crafted this gem for Bizarre Creations.

25 February 2006

» Google’s Seven Principles Of Marketing » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel

# Results must be trackable # Promote trial # Let others speak for you # Data. Not hype. # You're smart. And your time matters. # We're serious. Except when we're not. # Big ideas move us

18 February 2006

particle stream

"hi! my name is julian raul kücklich and this is my blog. particle stream is a a space for outlandish thoughts about fiction and games. enjoy!"

Linkology - How the Most-Linked-To Blogs Relate

There are upwards of 27 million blogs in the world. To discover how they relate to one another, we’ve taken the most-linked-to 50 and mapped their connections. Each arrow represents a hypertext link that was made sometime in the past 90 days. Think of those links as votes in an endless global popularity poll. Many blogs vote for each other: “blogrolling.” Some top-50 sites don’t have any links from the others shown here, usually because they are big in Japan, China, or Europe—regions still new to the phenomenon.

Heroine Sheik » Blog Archive » Orgasm: the Ultimate Game

What is a game, at its simplest, but an interactive challenge with a goal? Let’s go one better, and say a game — this game at least — takes skill, and that that necessary skill-level, along with the game itself, gets higher/faster/harder as the game continues, until it finally culminates in one last explosive battle.

The Ludologist » Blog Archive » How to Beat the Boss

But really, I think the current boss conventions work quite well because reversals are basically exciting, dramatic if you will.» Blog Archive » Brazilian Webstandards Search on Rollyo

Você pode adicionar este form à seu site ou colocá-lo integrado ao Firefox!

11 February 2006 » Blog Archive » Top 10 Casual Games Portals

If I was to put a short list of the top 10 by volume (not performance) I would say 1) RealArcade (Gamehouse) 2) Yahoo Games 3) Oberon Network : Pogo, AOL (non exclusive), MSN, Xbox Life, and so on 4) Zylom 5) Shockwave 6) BigFish Games 7) Boonty Games 8) TryMedia (Because of AOL) 9) Reflexive Network 10) Gamefiesta, Arcadetown, Iwin, Wild Tangent

05 February 2006

Re:Retro - The Classic and Retro Games Blog

They do indeed go everywhere. Andreas Wieslander and his band of intrepid film makers/musicians/gamers pay homage to Parappa the Rapper in this excellent video, which is a cover of “Cheep Cheep Cooking Chicken’s Rap” from the first title in the PaRappa series.

Raph Koster's Home Page | Making the AAA Title: Letters from the Trenches

Dan Arey gave a talk at GDC 2005 on developing AAA games, and interviewed several designers for it. The actual interview was quite long, and I skipped many of the questions... but here's the answers to the ones that I did respond to. You can comment here on the blog if you like.» Blog Archive » Wasabi

Wasabi, um serviço brasileiro em que você cadastra seus principais feeds, como, blog pessoal, photos (flickr) e adiciona amigos como contatos. » Blog Archive » Conversion Rate Inversely Related To Download Rate

Your gross profits (excluding development costs) are roughly: # of downloads TIMES conversion rate TIMES revenue per sale

John Cook's Venture Blog - A moment with David Roberts of PopCap Games

At 44 years old, PopCap Games Chief Executive David Roberts likes to joke that he is "the adult supervision" at the Seattle computer game maker.

29 January 2006

A Shareware Life

Rants about shareware marketing, the life of a shareware author, and everything els

Blog of Booth

A blog about my life, game design theory, music, and whatever else is currently in my field of interests.

Broken Toys

A blog about stuff, by a guy who breaks and sometimes fixes stuff.

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