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February 2006

January 2006

:: Último Segundo - Nem todas as recomendações da web são bem-vindas

SÃO FRANCISCO –Na, um cliente interessado em comprar o romance “A Vida de Pi” também recebe a chance de ver “O Caçador de Pipas” porque outros clientes da Amazon – presumivelmente com gosto similar ao seu – também compraram aquele livro.

November 2005

Mind Hacks: Meet the chatbots

"Mind Hacks already told you about Jabberwacky, the winner of this year's Loebner prize for the chatbot that comes closest to passing the Turing Test (to pass, a judge must be unable to tell whether she's talking to the chatbot or another human)."

Game/AI: Great Expectation-Formations

"Forming expectations is a problem that is relatively easy to concretize: AIs have an internal knowledge model of the world. If the AI is able to provide an estimate for what that state is going to look like n ticks in the future, that’s an expectation – and naturally we’re going to want the AI to react not (or not just) to current world-state, but also to its expectation. React to its own expectation. I think that’s a neat idea, and architecturally it makes a lot of sense. Assuming we have a reactive behavior system of some sort already, we don’t, as a first pass, need to modify IT at all. All we need to do is provide future instead of current data. Great!"