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March 2006

Creating a MySQL connection with PHP/AJAX at John Wiseman

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In this tutorial I will explain how to open a mysql database connection using PHP and the all popular AJAX. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how the XMLHttpRequest object works within php and the advantages of using it. This tutorial will be the first in a series of articles leading to the development of a fully functional dynamic web events application.

January 2006

Progress Bar Using AJAX: Design Details

The sequence diagram below details the participants on both the client and server needed to provide an AJAX progress bar. The details are explained in further detail in the remainder of this document.

October 2005

Extending AJAX with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit

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Want more control over the user experience? Because Flash makes graphical programming quick, easy, and attractive, and because JavaScript is very effective at manipulating HTML, they can be leveraged to focus on their strengths. Kris Hadlock shows you how to extend AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) by cross-communicating between Flash and JavaScript. Discover how this technique enables technologies to focus on specialized tasks, and helps create the ultimate user experience.

How to Develop Web Applications with Ajax, Pt. 1 - -

In the past, web applications were limited because a web page had to be reloaded Very Dynamic Web Interfaces

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In this article, I'll be exploring how this problem can be tackled with the use of JavaScript and the XMLHttpRequest object.

Ajax cria a nova geração de aplicativos online - Terra - Internet

"Atende pelo nome de Ajax o que promete ser uma das pr�ximas revolu��es da Internet. " Finalmente, um artigo sobre Ajax na mídia mais tradicional.