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January 2006

Raph Koster's Home Page | Moore's Wall: Technology Advances and Online Game Design

This talk was given as part of an IBM Games on Demand webcast conference. “We should remember that 90% of the online game players out there are playing a game that was not developed by a professional: they’re playing CounterStrike, which was user-created.”

November 2005

Online Worlds: The Forms of Things Unknown |Raph Koster's Home Page

"I gave this talk at one of the monthly IGDA chapter meetings in San Diego"

Habitat Chronicles: SOP II Presentation Slides

Secondary Virtual Item Market implies Real World Value and that implies that it is Real World Property and, by extension, subject to real world property laws.

Web Essentials '05: Bringing a Web conference to the Web, by Jeffrey Veen

"Last week I spoke at Web Essentials '05, an invigorating conference in Sydney, Australia. The folks attending were so engaged and excited"

October 2005

DiGRA 2005 Conference of the Digital Games Research Association (Janet H. Murray)

The Last Word on Ludology v Narratology; The Future of Electronic Games: Lessons from the first 250,000 years

Games * Design * Art * Culture - Greg Costikyan

Recent Presentations: games and storytelling, create new game styles