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March 2006

Tableless - Ajax Demo

Ajax é a sigla para "Asynchronous Javascript and XML". Se você entende inglês, pode ler uma excelente explicação do assunto no artigo de Jesse James Garrett: Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications. Não é uma coisa nova, e eu já falei um pouco sobre isso no meu blog. A idéia é utilizar Javascript para transformar suas páginas em aplicações, de modo que não precise recarregar a tela cada vez que o usuário clicar em alguma coisa. Você pode recarregar apenas a área que precisa ser alterada pela ação realizada.

Creating a MySQL connection with PHP/AJAX at John Wiseman

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In this tutorial I will explain how to open a mysql database connection using PHP and the all popular AJAX. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how the XMLHttpRequest object works within php and the advantages of using it. This tutorial will be the first in a series of articles leading to the development of a fully functional dynamic web events application.

February 2006

PHP Development - Smart Forms

The script has more than 20 validation types and extra features (character counter for textarea and input tags, auto-tabbing input tags, etc) that can be added with minimal modifications to html code.

Yahoo Ajax Library

This is cool for all you Ajax developers out there. Yahoo has released their own Ajax user interface library under the BSD license. This is the companion code to their Design Pattern Library.


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AJAXSLT is an implementation of XSL-T in JavaScript, intended for use in fat web pages, which are nowadays referred to as AJAX applications. Because XSL-T uses XPath, it is also an implementation of XPath that can be used independently of XSL-T.

January 2006

Ajax Blog - LinkFeed - Another AJAXed HomePage !

LinkedFeed is an automated and customizable information social network. The more you use it, the most accurate news it brings to you and people sharing your interests.

Progress Bar Using AJAX: Design Details

The sequence diagram below details the participants on both the client and server needed to provide an AJAX progress bar. The details are explained in further detail in the remainder of this document.

November 2005

Issues when working with AJAX (Mercurytide)

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"AJAX, or asynchronous Javascript and XML, is one of those buzz-words causing much excitement among the web-savvy. As a method of quietly communicating with a server it allows web sites to act more like traditional applications, and is an integral part of the web 2.0 methodology. It plays an important role in Flickr, Google Maps, and Backpack, among others."

IT Conversations: Peter Norvig - Inside Google

Peter NorvigGoogleInside GooglePeter Norvig Play now: | Download MP3 | Help with Listening Link to it: Permalink | Create a Clip or Excerpt [runtime: 00:15:02, 6.9 mb, recorded 2005-03-15] Add this program to your personall program queue. Who's linking to this?At Google engineers and researchers are not two different groups of people. This culture is very unique to Google and Google shows off the product prototypes developed using this approach online at Google Labs. Most of these prototypes are built by Google employees who use 20% of their working time at Google to work on their own ideas.Google has expanded from searching webpages to searching videos, books, places and even files on your own desktop. This expansion is made possible though Google's understanding and classification of information, facilitated by the application of algorithms in the domains of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. Google has also made use of innovative technologies such as AJAX to improve the accessibility of web interfaces.Some of the products that have come out of the Google Labs experiment are Google Suggest which autocompletes queries as they're typed. Google Sets is another feature where you can specify two or more keywords and generate a whole set depending on the commonality and relationship between the two objects. Personalised search varies the results returned depending upon your profile and preferences. Google Maps allows users to explore territories by dragging the map in the direction they are interested in.

20 GOTO 10

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Interface estilo janela do dos.

October 2005

Official Google Blog: Guess what just turned 34?

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It provided a fast and dynamic interface from web browsers everywhere, popularizing the techniques that have since become known as AJAX.

The Mouse Whisperer - Ajax (XMLHTTPRequest) Tutorial

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Page update without refresh using Javascript, PHP and XML's XMLHTTPRequest object (also known as 'remote scripting')

IDG Now! Webmail Brasileiro em ajax

� frente de competidores de peso, como Yahoo e Microsoft, que ainda trabalham nos seus betas, a Inova, empresa brasileira fundada em 1996, lan�a uma plataforma de webmail baseada em AJAX, arquitetura que permite o desenvolvimento de aplica��es web ricas.

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