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June 2006


Bebop is a Zope3-based groupware that tries to combine collaboration support and content management with a user-friendly interface. It allows to switch between blog, wiki, desktop, and news perspectives on the contributions of the group members.

November 2005

Five Tutorial for Plone developers

This document teaches you how to use Five. Its goals are to familiarize you with some Zope 3 idioms and demonstrate how they are applied in a grown Zope 2 environment. It will do so in five steps, thus let you experience the iterative development process that has been acquired by Zope 3 developers and been used in my book as well. It will stop after those five steps, but still leave you with some possibilities to pad out the code with your own components.

October 2005

Zope 3 Quick Start Guide

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This Quick Start assumes you are familiar with Python, Subversion, and the generalities of the web (HTML, servers, etc.).

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