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February 2007

Eben Moglen on Free Software and Social Justice

He explains the economic reality and moral justification for free software, and its role in the struggle for human freedom historically and in society at large.

November 2006

Freeing the Mind : Free Software and the Death of Proprietary Culture

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Eben Moglen is professor of law at Columbia University Law School. He serves without fee as General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation. You can read more of his writing at These remarks were the keynote address at the University of Maine Law School's Fourth Annual Technology and Law Conference, Portland, Maine, June 29, 2003.

October 2006

What's wrong with software patents? | Free Software Magazine

The simple question “what’s wrong with software patents?” stirs up controversy and divides the IT industry into two camps like no other. Every group has their own ideology about software patents. Those who don’t like them claim that they are anti-competitive, that they are tools used by industry giants to crush free and open software, that they are bad for innovation, that they are monopolies, etc. Those who like them claim that they are simply units of intellectual property, to be traded like any other commodity.

July 2006

Dr. Dobb's | Quick-Kill Project Management | June 30, 2006

How to do smart software development even when facing impossible schedules.

Développer avec Subversion, Trac et Buildbot version 1.1 Date: 8. juin 2006

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Un guide d'installation et de configuration de SVN, Trac et Buildbot.

June 2006

[email protected]

Bebop is a Zope3-based groupware that tries to combine collaboration support and content management with a user-friendly interface. It allows to switch between blog, wiki, desktop, and news perspectives on the contributions of the group members.

May 2006

Cherokee Web Server

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Cherokee is a very fast, flexible and easy to configure Web Server. It supports the widespread technologies nowadays: FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections, Virtual hosts, Authentication, on the fly encoding, Apache compatible log files, and much more.

Producing Open Source Software

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Producing Open Source Software How to Run a Successful Free Software Project

January 2006

History of RSS

RSS was first invented by Netscape. They wanted to use an XML format to distribute news, stories and information. Netscape refined the version of rss and then dropped it. Userland Software to control of the specficiation and continued to develop it releasing a newer version. A non-commercial group picked up RSS at the same time and based on their interpretation of the Netscape's original concept of RSS they too released a new version. UserLand was not happy with the non-commercial version and continued development of their own version of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), eventually UserLand released RSS v2.

December 2005

RFC: Really Simple Discoverability 1.0

Really Simple Discovery is a way to help client software find the services needed to read, edit, or "work with" weblogging software. Although I talk about weblogging software, there's no reason this format can't apply to other forms of web client/system software that I wasn't considering, or may not even exist as of this writing.

November 2005

Plone, Plone Skin Dump content management software

Plone Skin Dump (qPloneSkinDump) allows to create Plone product based on some ZMI located skin folder (eg "custom") from portal_skins. So you can easy create Plone product with skin based on folder with customized styles and page templates.

Producing Open Source Software

Producing Open Source Software How to Run a Successful Free Software Project

October 2005

April 2005

MoinMoin Wiki

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Amazing Wiki software. Probably the most powerful. Easy to deploy and clear wiki syntax. Written in Python.

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