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June 2007

AFUL - Linux, logiciels libres et interopérabilité: Modèles économiques liés aux logiciels libres

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Modèles économiques liés aux logiciels libres Les différents modèles économiques, ou modèles d'affaires, utilisés par les logiciels libres À l'intention des décideurs, des conseillers techniques et financiers, des chefs d'entreprise, des chefs de projets et des élus.

April 2007

The Economic Motivation of Open Source Software: Stakeholder Perspectives

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Open source software has changed the rules of the game, impacting significantly the economic behavior of stakeholders in the software ecosystem. In this new environment, developers strive to be committers, vendors feel pressure to produce open source products, and system integrators anticipate boosting profits.

October 2006

Rondam Ramblings: Top ten geek business myths

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Since I've started my new career as a venture capitalist I have become keenly aware of some of the classic mistakes that geeks make when trying to raise money for a new business. Instead of writing the same comments over and over again I thought I'd try to summarize some of the mistakes that people -- especially smart people -- make when they decide to try to turn their bright ideas into money. Here then is my top-ten list of geek business myths:

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