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April 2009

MGM Mirage paid $70 million to ensure that construction continues at its CityCenter development in Las Vegas.

MGM Mirage said Friday it provided $70 million to cover current construction costs for its CityCenter complex in Las Vegas. The company received an amendment to its credit facility to free up the money on Monday. The payment includes $35 million that s...

LG First Asian Company to Support United Nations World Food Programme Fight Hunger in Africa

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and LG Electronics (LG) today announced a multi-year partnership to fight poverty and hunger in the drought-afflicted Horn of Africa region. Under the banner of a ‘Partnership of Hope,’ LG pledged one b...

MGM Mirage staves off bankruptcy wins CityCentre Waiver From Lenders

MGM Mirage won a waiver from lenders to pay about $70 million on its CityCenter project without partner Dubai World, staving off for now a possible bankruptcy filing by the development, allowing construction to continue on the Las Vegas Strip developme...

Collapse of talks: Colony Quits MGM Mirage Deal

As the recession takes a toll on gambling getaways, Colony Capital LLC has ended its talks with MGM Mirage, which owns properties from Las Vegas to Detroit to Macau, over a potential investment. Recently, the WSJ reported that MGM Mirage is in talks wi...

January 2009

Is Agape World Nicholas Cosmo fraud an another Ponzi scheme like Madoff? Should he go to prison!

Nicholas Cosmo, founder of Agape World Inc in Hauppauge, New York, complied on Monday evening with a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of conducting an alleged $380 million Ponzi scheme. He was also charged with one count of mail fraud. What if he do...

August 2007

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