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April 2009

Wells Fargo sees record first-quarter profit approximately $3 billion!

Wells Fargo Expects, a diversified financial services company with $1.3 trillion in assets, Record First Quarter Earnings of Approximately $3 Billion Strong business momentum at Wells Fargo and Wachovia, including $190 billion in mortgage applications ...

December 2008

After John Thain Wachovia CEO Robert Steel says no to bonuses for 2008.

Wachovia Corp. Chief Executive Officer Robert Steel will not be receiving a bonus for this year, according to media reports. Citing company spokeswoman the reports noted that Steel will not be paid a bonus. Steel now joins the list of executives who ar...

October 2008

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf will not fire Wachovia staff

Wells Fargo & Company reported diluted earnings per common share of $0.49 in third quarter 2008 compared with $0.53 in second quarter 2008 and $0.64 in third quarter 2007. Net income was $1.64 billion compared with $1.75 billion in second quarter ...

Finally Wells Fargo wins bidding war for Wachovia Beats Citi!

Apparently after getting a closer look at Wachovia’s books, CitiGroup has decided that they don’t really want Wachovia after all. Citi has it’s own trouble, never unstood why they wanted more of it. Wells can afford to take a hit, but...

Corporate fight: A complete review on Wachovia Corp- Citi, Charlotte bank, Wells Fargo and Vikram Pandit!

Citi and Wells Fargo both were anxiously negotiating to buy Wachovia. So, fast forward … Citi came to the table and strongarmed, with the Fed’s & Treasury Department’s, along with FDIC, too, Wachovia to “sign this agreement...

September 2008

Wachovia Corporation an acquisition machine about to collapse- for sale

I believe it is the loss of public confidence and the bad press that will do them in. It seems that another bank will go down sooner or later. The Wachovia Corporation was formed through a series of mergers over the years that not only made it one of ...

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