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CEOWORLD Magazine Named Official Media Partner to The UK Corporate Governance Summit!

CEOWORLD Magazine is delighted to be among the Media Partners of the UK Corporate Governance Summit to be held on Thursday 16 – 17 June 2009 at London. “The UK Corporate Governance Summit will take a detailed look at the state of play for UK bu...

Nokia cuts a further 1,700 jobs worldwide as demand falls!

The world’s biggest maker of mobile handsets Nokia said the move will hit staff in sales and marketing, corporate development functions and product purchasing and management divisions. The bulk of the cuts - 700 - will go in Finland, where the g...

What is U.K Government Open Source Action Plan?

The Uk government has published a new policy aimed at promoting the use of open source software in the public sector. It is also aimed at promoting open standards and encouraging the re-use of IT solutions. Measures include an education programme, guid...


GamblingGuru Sports Betting News

Sports Betting - UK Betting Guide

UK Flat Racing Guide

Summer flat racing drives some of the biggest betting markets in international sport. Every year hundreds of thoroughbred races are held across the globe,

PGA Tour Betting Guide

The PGA Tour governs the majority of men s golf tournaments in the United States, with exception of the Majors and the Ryder Cup, both of which are


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