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26 May 2004 14:00

xoops2 rc1 japanese.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc1 japanese download:

xoops2 rc1 vietnamese.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc1 vietnamese download:

xoops2 rc1 italian.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc1 italian download:

xoops2 rc3 polish.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 polish download:

xoops2 rc2 italian.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 italian download:

xoops2 rc3 italian.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 italian download:

xoops to 2.0.6, atualização.tgz

xoops v2.0.5.2-to-2.0.6.patch download:

xoops2 rc2 pt_utf8.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 portuguese download:

xoops2 rc2 german.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 german download:

xoops2 rc2 spanish.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 spanish download:

xoops2 rc3 english.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 english download:

xoops2 rc3 russian.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 russian download:

xoops 2.0.5 to 2.0.6, atualização.tgz

xoops v2.0.5-to-2.0.6.patch download:

xoops2 rc1 romanian.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc1 romanian download:

xoops2 rc1 schinese.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc1 schinese download:

xoops2 rc3 spanish.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 spanish download:

xoops2 rc2 russian.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 russian download:

xoops2 rc1 nederlands.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc1 nederlands download:

xoops2 rc3 schinese.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 schinese download:

xoops2 rc3 german.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 german download:

xoops2 rc3 french.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc3 french download:

xoops2 rc2 french.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 french download:

xoops2 rc1 tchinese.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc1 tchinese download:

xoops2 rc2 english.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 english download:

xoops2 rc2 romanian.tgz

xoops v2.0 rc2 romanian download:

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