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April 2009

Thomas O. Hicks’ Sports Group defaults on $525 million in loans

Hicks Sports Group, co-owner of the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Stars and Cedar Park Center partner Hicks Sports Marketing, recently entered negotiations with its creditors after defaulting on more than $500 million in loans. The company’s chief operat...

February 2009

Austin's Underground Graffiti (pt. 3)

These are some sweet pieces in an Austin tunnel.

November 2008

AT&T donates $20 million to Texas Tech University in honor of Edward E. Whitacre Jr.

Texas Tech administrators today (Nov. 12) acknowledged gifts of $25 million from AT&T and friends of the company to the College of Engineering in honor of Edward E. Whitacre Jr., former Texas Tech regent and former chairman of the board and CEO of ...

September 2008

Texas Pacific Group investor letter- humbled by Wamu losses

Drastic move by the government to close and sell the banking assets of savings and loan company Washington Mutual Inc to JP Morgan basically wiped out the $1.35 billion investment that TPG made five months ago..Texas-based private equity firm Texas Pa...

October 2007

*NEW!* Online Gambling 101 PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS Playing Online Texas Hold

*NEW!* Online Gambling 101 PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS Playing Online Texas Hold

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