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April 2009

UBS to cut 11% of its employees

The world’s largest wealth manager, The Swiss bank UBS, announced huge job cuts a 11 percent of the company’s 76,200 employees in 50 countries. The Swiss bank UBS, which has a financial advising presence in Portland, wants to cut its work force...

UBS axed 240 Jobs in Asia-Pacific Wealth Mgmt group

Swiss bank UBS AG (UBS) is laying off 100 staff in Singapore, which together with Hong Kong as part of efforts to cut costs. The bank is shedding 240 jobs, or about 8% of the work force altogether in Asia Pacific, all from its wealth management group. ...

September 2008

A review on joint actions plan Federal Reserve, central bank, bank of england and Swiss National Bank

Now that the entire global financial community is saying that a global collapse is possible, maybe the conspiracy theorists and ideologists will realize that a bailout is simply not optional. Slowing down the Bail Out process and WaMu failure will not...

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