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March 2009

Wal-Mart to award $2 billion to U.S. hourly employees says CEO Michael T. Duke

Wal-Mart Stores Inc is giving approximately $2 billion to its U.S. hourly employees through financial incentives, including handing out $933.6 million in, after the world’s largest retailer gained market share amid a recession. In a memo distribu...

January 2009

Circuit City negotiations continue; Golden Gate Capital, Pliego and Hilco Merchant Resources eyes

It seemes Circuit City has failed simply because of bad management and the decisions they made over the years. Just want to make a comment to circuit2. It has good people who work there, poor management and horrible leadership. I do think the some peop...

October 2008

Can Dennis Eidson take Spartan Stores to next level?

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Spartan Stores, Inc., is the nation’s tenth largest grocery distributor with warehouse facilities in Grand Rapids and Plymouth, Michigan. The Company distributes more than 40,000 private-label and national brand produ...

September 2008

Circuit City sinks: James A. Marcum to replace Philip J. Schoonover

Leadership, conviction, creativity, and principles are sorely lacking in business today. Let’s see what Circuit City can do for an encore!. Circuit City was a mess long before Phil got there. Circuit City Stores Inc., the second-biggest U.S. ele...

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